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Sue and Alan weddingHere’s our wedding photo from 2008. The reason I’m putting this here is because when I updated Facebook to put that I’m married, it immediately assumed I meant we’d got married on that day. So it doesn’t know much does it?

I’m 12,000 words into the next book in the Redington/Country Matters series. This one’s a murder mystery, and it’s a bit of a mystery to myself what’s going to happen next. I’ve got to that stage, and I’m always reading two or three books at the same time, but I want to know what happens next in my own book more than the ones I’m reading, so better get on with it:))

The new job is going well, and so far I haven’t been late, nor broken anything, or turned up in the wrong part of the building to what I should be in, so fingers crossed. I did switch the alarm off one morning and said, ‘just another ten minutes’ which turned out to be half an hour and I got out of bed at the time I normally leave the house. I still put on make up and got dressed and grabbed an apple for the journey and made it with about a minute to spare. Phew!!


Here’s a couple of fun pictures of our secret agent sun-flower checking what’s going on over the hedge, and Mr Doughnut to tell you to stick to the diet, but not on Sundays.

Have a great week whatever you may be doing.


Just noticed I’ve got another review for Redington on Amazon. Have a look here, and thank you Linda for a smashing review.


16 thoughts on “Updating facebook

  1. Hi, how exciting to be writing a mystery story. It was also great to hear you say you didn’t know where your story was going. I felt quite silly when I read that it was important to have a story board having an idea of beginning, middle and end. I tried it and failed. When I sit down to write one of the most enjoyable parts is wondering what the characters are going to do and where it will all end. What books have you written and are they in order. Good look with the new book xx Suzanne xx

    • Thanks, Suzanne. I have a sketchy plan, otherwise I’d be over the hills and far away, seriously. So I jot down around 15 headings of chapters, and my characters are firmly in my head as well as my village in mid-Norfolk. My amazon page is here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Susan-Jones/e/B00BSP7B26
      So far, there’s the Country matters pocket novel, and Hats off to Love which should be out soon, and the one I’m working on. I’ve got quite a few stories on Alfie dog fiction site as well. Thanks for popping on to my blog.

  2. Lovely to hear how well everything is going, Suzy – I saw that FB misunderstanding! Love the sunflower. That’s a good way to write your mystery – I never know what’s going to happen exactly either until I get to it.

    • Thanks, Suzanne. It was an informal wedding, as it was the second time round, but perfect. We had ham and mustard sandwiches in the windmill gardens overlooking the marshes, served with side salad and kettle crisps, then scones with cream and jam for afters – washed down with a bottle of champagne and a giant pot of tea. A day fixed in my mind always. Glad you popped by. xx

  3. Lovely photos, especially the wedding one. I didn’t see your FB post, but I don’t go on there very much any more. I love it that you want to find out what happens in your new Redington book. Lovely to see your well deserved reviews too 🙂 xx

    • Thanks, Teresa. All I was doing was putting that I’m married and all of a sudden facebook is announcing to everyone that I’ve got married today!!! Rather stupid. I much prefer my blog, but never mind. I was chuffed to see another review. Speaking of which, I just left one for your ‘Love in Danger’ that’s a different title in large print I think.

      • Thank you so much Suzy – I really must get organised and start writing some reviews myself knowing how much they are appreciated 🙂
        I feel more at home in Blogland I must admit 🙂 xx

  4. Thought you’d been keeping the wedding a secret but it all makes sense now. Ha, ha! Looking forward to hearing more about the mystery in Redington, Sue. Well done. 🙂

  5. I love the sound of your informal wedding beside the windmill, Susan ~ even if FB got the date wrong. I love the idea that you’re eager to learn what happens in your own book ~ I never know what I’m going to write on my blog. Congrats on the excellent Amazon reviews ~ they must inspire you to finish your next book, so you can find out how it ends. Fabulous sunflower and well done you for keeping to your diet ~ but we all deserve a treat now and then. It’s been lovely to catch up on your news! 🙂

  6. Just catching up. I’m glad your job’s working out OK. And isn’t Facebook strange? I don’t like the way it keeps reminding me of things I did years ago that are still fresh in my memory.

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