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Updating facebook

Sue and Alan weddingHere’s our wedding photo from 2008. The reason I’m putting this here is because when I updated Facebook to put that I’m married, it immediately assumed I meant we’d got married on that day. So it doesn’t know much does it?

I’m 12,000 words into the next book in the Redington/Country Matters series. This one’s a murder mystery, and it’s a bit of a mystery to myself what’s going to happen next. I’ve got to that stage, and I’m always reading two or three books at the same time, but I want to know what happens next in my own book more than the ones I’m reading, so better get on with it:))

The new job is going well, and so far I haven’t been late, nor broken anything, or turned up in the wrong part of the building to what I should be in, so fingers crossed. I did switch the alarm off one morning and said, ‘just another ten minutes’ which turned out to be half an hour and I got out of bed at the time I normally leave the house. I still put on make up and got dressed and grabbed an apple for the journey and made it with about a minute to spare. Phew!!


Here’s a couple of fun pictures of our secret agent sun-flower checking what’s going on over the hedge, and Mr Doughnut to tell you to stick to the diet, but not on Sundays.

Have a great week whatever you may be doing.


Just noticed I’ve got another review for Redington on Amazon. Have a look here, and thank you Linda for a smashing review.

Glam Gran’s giggle blog

Glam gran I’m not smiling, and that’s not because I’m feeling grumpy, it’s because I’m showing off the make up range Younique, that daughter Ann sells. The lipstick is ladylike, and you don’t have to be ladylike to wear it. The brows are the palest colour and it’s a pencil and then fibres that stay on all day.

She’s really brave and posts up videos and demo’s every day. It’s lovely make up but not cheap, so I get something every couple of months and now I’m waiting for a bronzer.

That picture was one of about twenty that went from bad to worse. Then a family member appeared and I asked him to take a pic. We had one with the light off, one with it on. In the window, in the garden. Then I thought maybe I’d be better sitting on a bag of chippings. He said no, because I’m up here and if you’re down there I’ve got to get down there. Then because of the sun my eyes go all squinty and make me look as if I can’t open them. So to have a photo that looks anywhere human is good. The end product was too much laughter and not anything I can put on here.

The back of the jumper is finished and now I’ve started on the front.

And at last I’ve finished editing the last chapter of the re-write. I’m sending it off tomorrow so please cross fingers toes and everything else that my lovely editor likes it. Now I can get on with another story for the same editor.

My ghost story is on Alfie dog. It’s a Christmas one, to get you in the mood. Well, if you’re writing a Christmas story, you’d need to be thinking about it now, so think of it as a prompt.

Fisherman’s rest story.

Hope to have more news on the rewriting soon. And in the meantime, I’m still going to get the original story published. It’s set in the 1970’s, and completely different to the re-written one, but there’s so much work gone into it, I’ll keep trying to find a publisher. Obviously they’ll have different titles.

Have a great week.

I won a prize

bag of woolI won this lovely bag of wool. Summerlite cotton double knitting. Tons of it, so I’m knitting a new summer jumper for myself.

All we had to do on the Simply knitting link is say what’s on our needles at the moment. It was the tea cosy, made from left over bits. I’m thrilled as I’d been thinking of buying some wool, but not sure what colour or type. Now I’ve got it all to hand and it’s really special to knit with.

On the writing front, I’m on the last chapter of a rewrite of Hats off to Love. The lovely editor I’m working with wanted the story set in the present day rather than in the 70’s. So now it’s almost complete and crossing fingers that it’s good enough and she likes it. Also I have another story accepted on the Alfie dog website. That’s out around the end of May.

More news on that soon. Have a great week, whatever you’re doing.

Glam gran says, ‘Who’s Hettie?’

Hello to all my lovely followers, new ones and older ones.

I read a great book yesterday, this one – Short story secrets – turning words into money. That sounded good to me, and the e-book is great as well. So thanks Hettie for all the great tips, and I’m going to be writing this afternoon, when I’ve finished blogging.

Hettie is the pen name of a writer who has had over 200 stories published in women’s magazines, and she is an older lady, who is definitely glam; I know that from her beauty tips in the next book. They could have come directly from my Grandma’s scrap-book, and they’re fab. One little clue tells me who Hetty might be, but that person isn’t as old as the lady I’m thinking of… We once had ‘Where’s Wally?’ Now I’m working on ‘Who’s Hettie?’ My spell checker wants to call her Hattie, but I do prefer Hettie. Maybe I’ll be Bessie Baintree from now on, and write naughty stories.

In complete contrast, another book I’ve got on kindle is this one An ugly way to go is full of short stories with laugh out loud moments. Great to read when you stop for coffee, which in my case is quite often. If you like quirky stories, and I do, this is for you. I haven’t reviewed it yet as I’m still reading those funnies.

This book has over 300 reviews and can’t wait to read it soon. I’m guessing St. Eves in South West England is based on St. Ives.

A cover of a book makes a difference, I tend to go for either colourful ones, or classical ones, how about you?

Now Glam Gran’s tip of the week is, drink water. If you don’t like it plain, then add some squash, or a slice of lemon. A glass of water in the morning, and mid-day, and again later on will keep your skin glowing and send oxygen to all parts of the body, which is always good.

green teaI’ve found a new green tea with lemon, it’s lovely, and takes away the bitterness that sometimes comes with green tea. Still losing the weight, but it’s more about stabilising at the mo, and not putting any back on.

Until next week, when Glynis Scrivens will be here, bysie bye…….

It’s wedding week

If you’re a follower of my stories set in the fictional village of Redington, in the middle of North Norfolk, then tune in to Creative Frontiers all this week to read the serial,

Betty’s big Meringue

It’s all about the build up to the wedding, and whether they will actually get to tie the knot.

To warn you, it’s a long one, and comes in lots of parts.

Hope you enjoy the story if you read it.

Please log in to Creative Frontiers and leave a comment. Also, editor Martin West is

always on the lookout for stories and articles for the site. Details are on there.

Now I’m off to find the biggest hat I can, and a blue flowery dress and some high heels.

They’re quite a flamboyant lot over there, so don’t want to look like an old frump for Betty.

Betty's big meringue



Romantic writing.

I prefer a proper book to e.books. I know we have to move forward, but for me, there’s nothing like sitting down to relax with a cup of earl grey and something good to read. Today I picked up five Mills & Boon books. Reason for that is that I’m writing my Hats off to Love and I’m going to submit my first three chapters and the synopsis sometime during the next week to M & B.

The good thing about Mills and Boon is that they like 50,000 words. Then again, I have a feeling I’ll need more words than that to fit in all I’m going on about in the synopsis. Mine is going to fit into the ‘cherish’ section. They have different sections depending on the type of story you’re writing. Have a look here.

Mills and Boon.

I’ve got in mind what I want on the cover. My star character looking up and all kinds of hats tumbling down around her… that’s my plan, but maybe it’ll turn out different.

I’m up to 27.000 words, and to get back into the gist of the story, I’ve had to go back to the beginning and over the first three chapters to get back to what it’s all about. I’d gone up a bit of a one way street, but hopefully back on track now.

Digital imageDigital image

Red roses for love, and there’s Mum and Dad at my Niece’s wedding last year. They’re always romantic.

Here’s how Harper Collins go about finding the design for a book.


How a book cover is designed

I’ll triond make some money.

That’s a joke really; I joined the site triond where I write articles.


It’s good fun as there’s a way to add pictures and you can write absolutely anything within reason. I’ve earned around sixty pence in two years. Woo-hooo, what shall I spend it on??? It’s partly my own fault though as they way to do it is to twitter and promote traffic to your site. Imagine I’ll have to get a big sign saying ‘Everyone to this content’ you feel a bit daft doing that though don’t you.

I’ve recently discovered the Agatha Raisin books while browsing in a book shop in town. M.C. Beaton is such a great writer I’ve read three in the series already and started on another one. They are quite funny and Agatha keeps having scones and tea with Mrs. Bloxby the vicars wife, so I had to bake scones tonight. We both felt so full we went a walk around the village.

Our shop is closed now. It does seem a bit strange not going to open up. We had lots of lovely cards from our customers and too many chocolate bars to mention along with a big bottle of brandy. I don’t actually drink, but if I do, on the odd occasion, it’s brandy, so that was nice.

Three stories came back to me this week – I’ve re-written one of them, now have to find somewhere to send it. I can tell they’ve been read, and at least they sent them back, as opposed to tearing them up!!

My story on you write on ‘Summer on the Heath’ is number 24 in the top tens list, it’s all re-writing but I’m sticking with it. The Hats novel is still going quite well, I need to find a way to get them out of the club though. They’ve been stuck in there drinking eating and talking for a few weeks now.

Digital imageSpring flowers for inspiration.

What’s it all about Alfie?

No, not Cilla Black songs, though I do love, ‘Anyone who ever loved, could look at me, and know that I lo..oove you.’ and my favourite. ‘You’re my world, you are my night and day.’ You either love them or hate them, Cilla’s songs are a bit like Marmite.  I love both, but what’s it all about?  Alfie dog is open for stories.  I’ve had one accepted and I’m thrilled about that, but don’t think it’s on there yet, will tell you when it is.  There looks like a great selection of all kinds of interesting subjects to keep us busy reading.  So I’m off to write another one, maybe Cilla will pop in.  Who knows?

I won a book that came today.  The Dangerous Lord Darrington, by Sarah Mallory.  Looking forward to reading that.

Have you sent your story in here yet?  The latest one they want is ‘Leaving home for the first time.’  I’m working on one.

Alexandra is on the one show with Alfie dog as well.  How cute.