Something Special

Country Matters picLook what just landed on the doormat. How lovely and now I’m off to the garden with a cuppa and a ham and mustard cob to read through.

I’ve started a new job this week, and getting into the swing of it. The people are friendly and the hours still give me time to go the the gym. What a fantastic cover they’ve chosen. Is it bad to say you can’t wait to read your own book even if you know what’s in it:)) It’s dated the 28th July, so will be in the shops soon. Hope you enjoy it if you buy and read it.


24 thoughts on “Something Special

    • Thanks, Teresa. Years ago, I thought if ever I became a pocket novelist for My Weekly or People’s Friend I’d be a proper writer. So here I am:)) It’s a nice feeling and I do love the cover.

  1. Nothing wrong with being eager to read your own stuff. Take the time to be proud! Incidentally, I met another Pocket Novelist yesterday, who told me he resold his little books to a charity that publishes titles in large print, and they only want pre-published stuff. Foolishly I didn’t get the name of the company. Sorry: this probably isn’t any help at all!

  2. I know this is late -I was away when this was first published so I must have missed it – but HUGE congratulations on becoming a published Pocket novelist! Great news. I shall look out for it in the shops. 🙂 🙂 xx

    • Thanks, Jan. Yes, a real treat to get my Norfolk stories out this year as a pocket novel. And just as exciting to get Hats off to Love accepted in the same year, even though it’s not the original one. That will still be sent out though and I have hopes for it one day. Thanks for your good wishes Jan, and fingers crossed for yours as well. xx

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