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new pic

I’ve had my hair done, so you have to get a picture don’t you? Let’s face it, it won’t stay like it for long.

Hello to all my lovely followers, hope you’re enjoying the sunshine. Had a new hairdo, so I asked Alan to take a pictue of it. I was sitting on our garden table. Next week I might book a facial to freshen the skin a bit, with all the sunblocker I’m using these days.

The cleaning job starts early in the morning, and surprising how hot the sun is; especially as we’re outdoors a lot between jobs.  I put factor 50 sun block on face neck and arms, then spf 25 clarins bb foundation to keep the face protected. It isn’t cheap, but the one I’m using I bought almost a year ago, you only need a tiny dot, so well worth it.

Our work is all finished by mid – morning. Then I come home for coffee and to catch up with reading or writing or gardening. Oh, and trips to the hairdressers now and again.


Purple vein petunias

pink ger

Shocking pink geraniums, I must get a lippy in that colour


These pink and purple petunias will fill out in a few weeks.

So, if you haven’t had chance to read the wedding story, there’s still time. It’s here.

I’m still losing weight, and drinking the green smothies, they’re smashing. Must order some more of my magical weight loss products from here. If you order over £35 worth, you get free delivery. Now I’ve lost a stone and a half, and only half a stone then I’ll be into the normal weight range for my height. As I’m 5′ 2″ you can’t afford to be too chunky otherwise you look horrible. And as all glam Gran’s know, that would never do.

On Saturdays, our treat is home-made fish and chips, so it’s not a diet that deprives you of anything you like. Until next time, stay fabulous and keep cool.

Digital imageNo thanks, Mr Doughnut, I’m having fish and chips.

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It’s wedding week

If you’re a follower of my stories set in the fictional village of Redington, in the middle of North Norfolk, then tune in to Creative Frontiers all this week to read the serial,

Betty’s big Meringue

It’s all about the build up to the wedding, and whether they will actually get to tie the knot.

To warn you, it’s a long one, and comes in lots of parts.

Hope you enjoy the story if you read it.

Please log in to Creative Frontiers and leave a comment. Also, editor Martin West is

always on the lookout for stories and articles for the site. Details are on there.

Now I’m off to find the biggest hat I can, and a blue flowery dress and some high heels.

They’re quite a flamboyant lot over there, so don’t want to look like an old frump for Betty.

Betty's big meringue



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Mark Twain

The first time I was introduced to Mark Twain, it was in double English. The book we were given to read was ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ one of the best stories I’ve ever read.

I used to look forward to those lessons when we took turns in the class to read a page or two from the story of Tom and Huck. They seemed to have so much freedom to roam around, getting into all kinds of trouble and having fun. How life should be.

Lots of information about him here. Mark Twain quotes…

For character and setting the scene, any of his writing is well worth reading. What’s your favourite classic?

By the way – Betty and Raymond’s wedding is August 4th, Norah and Arnold made a mistake on the invitations.

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Wedding bells will soon be ringing

Wedding bells

Bells will be ringing out in Redington

Arnold and Norah Bartlett

cordially request the presence

of friends and family

to the wedding of

their niece Betty

to Raymond

June 30th

I’m working on the latest Redington story. This one’s called, Betty’s big meringue, and builds up to the day she and Raymond say I do. It’s making me titter to myself, and I know that sounds a bit indulgent, but they say, (whoever they are) that you have to write what you want to read. This is my kind of reading. Betty is actually larger than that, and he’s a fireman, Raymond is a postman, but he looks like a postie to me, so it’s the picture I’m using from clip art.

Betty's big meringue

Betty and Raymond

Uncle Arnold is giving Betty away, and Ivy is Chief Bridesmaid. There are some new characters in this story, and I hope you’ll be able to tune in next week on Creative Frontiers to see what goes on.

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Welcome, Maureen Vincent Northam

To celebrate launch day of Trace your Roots, Maureen is here on my blog today to tell us about her new release. Lovely to welcome you here, Mo, and good luck with the book. I’ve got mine on order already.


New Trace Your Roots-med(1)

When I sat down to write Trace your Roots I had great plans. I wanted the book to be packed with loads of useful genealogical tips. More than that, I wanted to help those who found they’d reached an impasse – as so many do when drawing up their family tree.
So the tips in my book needed to cover less well known resources, as well as the more obvious birth, marriage and death records, parish registers and census data. To enable both novice and more experienced family history researchers to break though their brick wall I’d use the strategies that had helped me during my time as a professional researcher. These tips would work – after all, they’d been tried and tested.
Each family tree is a puzzle that’s waiting to be solved and like an old jig-saw, there will be pieces missing. Yet these missing segments can often be found when you look in places you hadn’t thought to explore, or didn’t even know existed. Strangely enough, some of the most rewarding finds can be discovered by travelling these unfamiliar routes.
Trace your Roots, published by Crooked Cat Publishing, was a joy to write and I’m very happy with the result. The fabulous cover was designed by Laurence Patterson of Crooked Cat.

Please join me on my genealogy blog, I’m always happy to post other people’s stories:

Amazon UK:

Author bio
Maureen Vincent-Northam has written seriously ever since Father Christmas left her a Petite typewriter. Author of Trace your Roots, she also wrote Black Dog’s Treasure and co-authored The Writer’s ABC Checklist.

An editor with Crooked Cat Publishing, her work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, anthologies and online. She has tutored workshops; judged online writing contests and a few years ago was winner of The Writers’ Advice Centre for Children’s Books competition.

Maureen works part time in a residential home, is rubbish at cooking and, when not burning dinner, can usually be found surrounded by empty chocolate wrappers.

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Writing Update

Now at last, I can say I’ve put THE END on the last chapter of Hats off to Love. Now all I need to do is prepare it in an orderly fashion for sending out.

That will take some time as I want to get it just right. This story has been kicking around since 2012, when I entered a competition and came on the shorlist. Then I did nano in 2013 with it to get it all scribbled down, and then entered the same comptetion in 2014, and came on the shorlist again.

When I got stuck half way through, I set up a yahoo group for other people writing a novel, to get some feedback. Thanks to Jan, complete with hat, and Patsy and Martin, also with hat, for your help. Not forgetting the lovely Christine, who left the group.

So you can imagine how thrilled I am to have completed it.

Jan in a hatPatsy CollinsMartin West

The story has been edited by Maureen Vincent Northam, who has her ‘Trace Your Roots’ book published on Friday. Great news that Maureen will be my guest on this blog then.

Hope you have a great week, see you on Friday, until then, hope the writing goes well. Only thing now is to find a publisher. Wonder who’s looking for a romantic story? Set in the seventies, in rural Warwickshire?

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Around the garden in June

Hello to all my followers, and hope all is well in your worlds. The garden is looking colourful at the moment, so thought I’d pop out and take some pics for you to enjoy.

I always thought the red valarian was sea pink, until I looked it up just now. I’ve done some pink geranium hanging baskets, with lovely green moss. They need to grow on a bit yet though, so I’ll post a pic when they’re lovely and lush. Normally I put lots of bits and pieces in, but I wanted only the geranium this time.

pink geranium basketPurple pansiesYou may have gathered that I like pink and purple. Now I’m off to write more of my romantic novel. Happy gardening, or writing, or whatever you’re doing. I now have a link on kishboo links page.

They run a story competition every issue, and also want book reviews, and letters or articles.

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