Catching up.

I’llJan in a hatcanalA quick blog post to catch up with my lovely followers. It’s been a bit busy round here lately, doing up furniture, and re-inventing my writing space. I’m going to have a proper desk, and then I’m sure the writing will start to flow from the pen. At the moment, I write anywhere, although I’ve been knitting more lately for the new arrival, who is beautiful. We’ve painted a brown bookcase cream, and a table is cream with a blue top. Will post photos later, when I’m up and running. Did you read my latest serial on Creative Frontiers? Hope you enjoy the change to West Africa, from being in rural Norfolk. Enjoy the sunshine, and talk again soon. That’s blog buddy Jan in her hat, and the canal in Warwickshire, to remind me to get on with Hats off to Love.

February Giggle blog.

Recently, on a walk around the block; (it’s cold, so long walks can wait until springtime), we bumped into a lady with a bijon frise dog.  I’ve seen pictures of cakes that look like these dogs, they’re cute.

So when I said in my doggie talking voice, ‘Oh, you look like a cake’ the owner and dog jumped back. The dog started barking at me, and the lady looked at me as if I’d landed off another planet. It wasn’t until me and Ann were walking away that we realised I’d just called her lovely dog a cake and she hadn’t a clue what I meant. We knew though, and it was funny.

Another funny thing happened lately. Someone called Glamour forever started following me on twitter. How nice, and it’s a beauty lounge in Sutton, so maybe it’s because they saw my latest header on twitter. Boy/girl nails blue/pink. Anyway, from now on, maybe I’ll have a glam blog going on once a month. I haven’t forgotten Sheila, just that I’m a bit topsy turvy at the mo, and reinventing my writing room, and Annie Sloaning things. Pictures will follow later.

I put a baby reminder on my phone, and on Sunday at half past three, when I switched on, a message came up telling me, Ann’s baby is due between 16:00 and 17:00. which gave us quite a shock as she was sitting on the settee, eating sausage rolls at half past three, so that was a bit of a howler, and baby is quite happy where he/she is.

Last giggle, was that for our Sunday tea, we had salad and home-made sausage rolls and all things that go with it. I used plastic disposable plates, that we had left over from Christmas. Alan collected them up, and I said, ‘Don’t wash up remember, they’re disposables.’ He replied, ‘They’ll be alright to use again, they’ll rinse off, and they aren’t dirty.’ Ann suggested that as a giggle, because not only do we wash up in the traditional way, we re-use disposable plates……..

Until next time, keep on giggling……. you know it makes sense.

January giggle blog.

Hello everyone, and at last something came along that made me giggle. At the weekend, Alan had gone off to work, and I decided to go for a walk, as I’d been having a bit of a lazy day. I went down the road, past the houses, around a triangular field, where I passed an old man walking a small dog.

As you do, I said, ‘bit cold isn’t it?’ he did a swiveling action, that caused his dog to wrap around his legs, and looked me up and down.

‘Anyway, what are you doing wandering around on your own,’ he stated. I found myself answering him as if I was about ten.

‘I’m only going round the block, and then I’ll be straight home.’ I said.

‘Make sure you do, then,’ he replied.

How funny, and I could have said the same to him as he was ninety if he was a day.

Nice to know that he was bothered though, and as I walked home, grinning to myself, I put it down to my new head gear. Our Son’s girlfriend and her little girl came down to see us over Christmas, and she had a hat affair, with ears, and a scarf attached and a place to keep your hands. I said,

‘Oh, I’d love one of those.’ The fairies must have been listening, and I had one for my recent birthday. Who says you can’t wear kiddie things when you’ve turned fifty five?

Until next time, hope something makes you smile today.WP_20150111_16_44_17_ProHere’s me in my funky head gear.

The book clearing is going well too. We took a big box and several carrier bag fulls to the hospice shop today.

I’m in the library, as my computer is still in hospital. Hoping it comes back soon, and glad our library is buzzing with things for us to use and all for free as well.

Happy New Year.

Happy new year to all my favourite followers, you know who you are. Yes, you.. and you and you of course. I’ve been a bit quiet lately, and thanks to those who noticed. One thing and another has kept me busy, and now I’m getting back to the writing. I’ve had a lovely diary from Alan, who knows how much I like jotting down little details that I find at a later date. I can tell you what the weather was like on this day in 2010, if you needed to know.

I found an old diary, and was about to de-clutter and throw it away, but there were such great ideas in there for stories, that I kept it. It’s time to clear out some of my old books though. Now I have a kindle, and my latest download is the one from Teresa, with the blue stockings on the front. It’s a great read, and I’m half way through it and if you want to read some classic Teresa’s go for it, you won’t be dissapointed.

Also, Suzanne Ross Jones has a story in this weeks People’s Friend that started off the week just right.

The giggle blog will be at the end of the month, as nothing is making me split my sides at the moment. Our daughter has moved in, and will be having our first grandchild in the near future. She’s busy finding out how sterelisers work, and how prams are assembled. skunkgarden in JuneI’m looking forward to getting back in the garden, though it doesn’t look like that at the moment. My early morning cleaning job started back up today, and now I’m in the library, catching up with my blog.

Also, I’m busy knitting and going to read some of those books that don’t go into the charity shop box.

Until next time, when I still have that interview with Sheila Crosby to come later in January.

December Giggle Blog.

Where Alan gets a dog. Now, remember back in the springtime, my plan to get a dog for his birthday fell flat, and he gave me a list of ten reasons why it wasn’t a good idea, and he was right of course, well, this is an antidote to that.

Our Son was off to work, so Alan went out to move our car to let him out. A few minutes earlier, he’s said, ‘shall we go for a lie down?’ Sometimes we go for a nap as I go out early, and he comes in late, so we have a spare hour or two together middle of the day. As I was waving our Son off to work, he was looking worried, and making a great show of pointing something out to me. It was raining, and nasty, but I ran out to see whether it was the wheelie bin tipped over in the wind, or something.

Alan was waiting for him to go, so that he could put our car back on the drive, and there was this huge rottweiler plodding down the street on his own. Not being able to resist a lonely dog, our Son jumped out of his car, and was fussing him. We know the dog; he goes in the shop down the road, (which was where he was headed by the look of it), for jelly babies, with his owner. We told our Son not to worry, and go to work, as it was nearing his start time, though he only works five minutes away.

Our car was still running, with the door open. Next minute, the hippo of a rottie heaved itself into our car, and sat on the passenger seat, filling two thirds of the front of the car. As it was raining, I thought I’d better go in, and Alan was stuck with this enormous wet dog on the front seat. What could we do? other than bring him in. From our front room, the sight of Rottie sitting happily in the front of the car, and Alan reversing up the drive was so funny I was hysterical…

Alan must have thought in the few minutes of reversing up, that he’d take the dog home. So, he went driving up the street, looking for the home of his new best friend. It crossed my mind, if anyone was passing who knew us, they might be saying, ‘Oh, that Suzy’s gone to look rough these days.’ Alan tells me all he could see was a big slobbering face, and doleful eyes inches from his face.

He found where the dog lived, but high gates were locked, so goodness knows how he got out. The neighbour told us the owners wouldn’t be back until 5 o’clock, it was only 3 o’clock by now. We asked if they’d take him in, but they said, ‘Oh, no, it won’t come to us. So, Alan brought him home. When he opened the car door, the dog wouldn’t get out. He was soaked, and had cronky joints, so he wanted to keep dry I think.

Eventually, we coaxed him out with some ham from the fridge. I dried him off, and he looked hungry. We got an old washing up bowl from the garden, and he drank 3 of those full of water, in a few minutes. Alan went off to the shop to get him a tin of meat. He returned with a bag of jelly babies, a couple of beers for himself, and chocolate for me. I said, ‘Did you get him any meat?’ That’s what he’d gone down for, but forgot. He said, ‘We were going for a lie down if you remember, only a while ago, now all of a sudden, we’re dog sitting for the afternoon.’

The dog, who we know is called Jacob, was so good, and took turns to lie by me, or go and watch Alan, with great big eyes that Alan swears were saying, ‘Thank you for looking after me.’ A man came to call for him, later, and said, ‘Thanks’ and couldn’t understand how he’d got out. A couple of nights later, a lovely lady came knocking on the door, and said, he’s called Jacob, because he’s crackers, he is her special baby, and she was so pleased he’d been safe. She gave us flowers and wine to say ‘thanks.’ At one point, he was lying on the floor, gazing up at our pictures, and beams, as if to say, ‘hmmm, I could get used to this’. He was cute, and I haven’t laughed so much for ages….. RottieAlanThe dog filled two thirds of the front of the car, then after a while, he jumped into the back, and lay down. A funnier sight I’ve never seen. That’s up in the Welsh mountains by the way, we live on a main road, in the middle of the Midlands. That’s why we couldn’t leave the big dog to roam incase he got run over. Digital imageOur eldest Son has been housesitting down in Torbay as well. I say as well, because we were dog sitting. With his house sit, a European student was included, who he had to keep an eye on, and cook tea for. I asked him if he was doing pasta, and broccoli bake with tuna and cheese sauce, things like that. He said, yes; and he also told his sister that he was relaxing in this massive house, watching footie, and having a beer, when the lad came in and began playing Motzart on the piano. Talk about chalk and cheese. He said they got on alright though, and it’s done now. More giggles next month, and don’t you love the snow effect on here for December?

Coming soon, interview with Sheila Crosby.

Treacle Toffee & Poisoned Coffee, published this week.

Redington V11

The fair has come to Redington.

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The time slip story goes on throughout the week, and hope you enjoy it if you read it.

This is the seventh story in my Redington collection, and when there’s twelve, they will be

published in a book, called, ‘A Year in Redington.’

Sebastian and Claire are the two main characters in this story. It’s a story in 6 parts, and the main song going through the tale is Honeycomb, by Jimmie Rodgers, 1957.