What’s missing?

We’ve had a smashing weekend, and got rid of some dead wood. If you look closely, at the pictures, you’ll see what I mean.

Al where shed wasold shedSue where shed wasWhere that old green shed was, is where we sat to go, ‘Yahoo, the shed has disappeared…’ It was due to be demolished about ten years ago, and kept coming in handy. Like when we finished at our shop, lots of boxes of bits and bobs went in there. And if a family member moved in, or out, or moved house and needed a bit of storage, it came in handy. There comes a time though, when it has to go.

A few hefty kicks and it fell down, then Alan chopped it up. We’ve got plenty of sticks for our open fire ready for when the nights get colder. And sometime, though not immediately, we plan to have sliding doors where that wall is to walk out into the garden. And a bit of a yard put down. Hopefully that won’t take as long as it did for the shed to come down.

TobyToby n AlThis is Toby, our youngest Son’s dog, or sometimes he is, because he lives somewhere else. They are devoted as you see from the picture. He’s a cute doggie as well, and so well-behaved for a sheep dog. Shame he only appears now and again.

I’m now editing my Redington collection for create space, and a real book. As a rough guess, I’d say I’ve read those stories around fifty times now, but has to be done and I can’t believe how much I love commas. Think I need to go back to grammar classes. Good job I have a collection of reference books to hand.

Until next time, have a great week everyone……….. dots for Rona………………..,,,,,,commas for me,,,,,,………………………………………………………,,,,,,,………………………………………………………….

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Happiness is…

Hello to all my lovely followers, I’ve neglected the blog a bit lately, as we’ve been away on a break, and also relaxing and doing things.

We had a break in Torbay, so that gave us change to catch up with family, and get a pic of the pirate on the boat.

family picIwie n meWP_20150915_022

Torre Abbey gardens are looking fab, and Sophie Hannah was signing the latest Poirot book, so that was a treat, and a brilliant book.

Torre Abbey Gardens

torre abbeyal abbeybook

poirotme and grouWe heard that there will be a writer in residence at Greenway next year. I haven’t had the phone call yet, but maybe I was out.

Here’s the Belgian detective or Peter Suchet dressed as Poirot visiting Greenway for a photo shoot. The book is full of pictures from his visit. I mangaged to get a place of a writing workshop held at the Imperial Hotel, and met some lovely writers, while the chaps had a game of golf. Then we met up for food later on.


It’s scarecrow festival in a nearby village, and a lovely day for walking round and spotting the scares. Alan was more interested in the E type Jag that was parked on the corner.

Beatlesbike (2)WP_20150926_040

Now I must get on with the writing for a couple of competitions closing soon. At last I finished and posted my People’s Friend Serial one, and I have to send the full version of my romantic novel somewhere, but that’s top secret at the moment, mustn’t jinx things.

Until next time, keep doing things that make you happy~~~~

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What’s it like where you live?

Digital image

Well, it’s pretty good around here, as you see from the signpost. I went a long walk around the lanes and a couple of villages away. Glad I’d got my camera with me.

Digital image

Digital image

The farmers have been busy rolling up the hay as well, fields full of those mini circles everywhere, looking lovely. I met a man picking black berries, and told him those ones were scabby, he needed to go to another area to get better ones. He got into conversation, and I told him he needed to go the opposite way. Next minute he was walking along with me talking far too much for my liking.

Round here, you can set out in Warwickshire, then up the road you’re in Staffordshire, and carry on far a bit longer and you’ll be on the borders of Leicestershire. We’re well and truly in the shires…

I’m sure he was harmless, but my strides got slightly longer, and slightly longer still. Having only little legs, this was quite a task without appearing too obvious. Then I said, ‘Oh, well, must go,” and did enormous strides and escaped. As soon as I rounded the corner I ran for my life. How dare he spoil my walk and ask too many questions.

So now I stick to the pathways where there are houses and people around. You find weird people walking in the countryside. I’ve got some great animal photos, but my email site is under maintenance, so I’ll add them in a day or so. When that man passed, I was talking to the cows, so he probably thought I was an odd-ball as well.

Great author interview coming soon, check back to find out more and see the collection of animals I’ve been talking to lately.

The black and white cow came up to the gate for a chat, he didn’t have a lot to say, but he’s a good listener. The green eyed cat came in for a nap, and wasn’t too impressed when I told him it was time to go home. The horse went past as I drove round the lanes. He’s called Robby, and I said, ‘Aren’t you lovely, and he nodded’ his rider agreed as well, that he’s a handsome lad.

WP_20150904_001WP_20150903_15_27_46_ProHORSEWP_20150826_001I can’t resist these late summer scenes, so precious.

WP_20150903_003WP_20150824_001These two brothers live next door; they use our son’s trailer as a handy resting place in the afternoons. The black canvas gets warm and they have a good vantage point as well. The black one looks in to keep an eye on what you’re up to. The other one loves to roll over for a cuddle.

WP_20150826_002Couldn’t resist taking a picture of this wonderful display, the owner wouldn’t mind, and they are a bit gorgeous aren’t they?

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Welcome, Glynis Scrivens

visiting CanberraIt’s a pleasure to welcome, Glynis on to my blog today, all the way from Australia. You’ve come a long way, Glynis, so take a seat, and I’ll pour the tea while you have a chat about your writing.

1. Do you remember the first short story you sold to a women’s magazine? Which one was it, and what was it about?

My first sale was to Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine. The story was called “A Red Rose”, a romantic twist. The setting is a wedding. When the bride walks down the aisle, she has to force herself to keep her eyes on the groom. She’s actually in love with the best man, her ex, and hadn’t known he’d be here. Then the director says, “Cut”. Between scenes being filmed, she and her ex sort things out.

2. Are there many markets in Australia for short stories, and how do they differ from U.K. ones?

That’s Life and Fast Fiction are our major magazine markets. They seem similar to Fiction Feast, but with fiction editors changing quite frequently, there’s always a chance to offer previously rejected stories. Take 5 Fiction Feast is a newcomer but essentially uses stories from the UK Fiction Feast, sourced directly. We also have magazines such as Cosmos which publish sci-fi. And a growing number of literary magazines such as Wet Ink and Positive Words. There are other magazines which use stories but have no dedicated fiction editor and approach writers rather than being open to general submissions. Family Circle is an example.

3. I enjoyed your story in Iain Patterson’s Quintessentially Quirky tales book. I may even start sewing dolls of certain people as well, but put them in the garden instead. How did the story in his collection come about? They’re all good stories in there by the way.

I was tired and irritable from lack of sleep when I wrote that story. We’d driven down into northern New South Wales and were staying in a small cottage on a farm. As soon as I went to bed, there was a huge storm. Windows rattled, the wind howled outside, and I ended up with only a few hours sleep. Probably nearly as disgruntled as my character, Connie.

I’d brought a beret I was knitting…

And I felt angry. A bus had hit the new Peugeot a friend had lent us, causing quite a bit of damage along one side. The powers that be denied there’d even been a bus in the street at the time, despite the fact we’d both seen it. My husband had actually been in the car at the time it was hit, and I’d written down the number.

So I needed somewhere to put my anger – and by coincidence one of Connie’s victims may have had the same name as one of those concerned…

4. Above my desk there’s a poster with the article in Writers’ Forum. There’s you, me, Della and Teresa. That was really exciting for me to be with three special writers. We spoke about e-publishing there. Is this something you’ll be doing more of as short story markets seem to be shrinking?

To be honest I can’t see me doing much of this. With short story markets shrinking, and fewer opportunities to resell stories to several magazines, my focus has started to shift to non-fiction. I’ve always enjoyed writing articles. It’s nice to have a certain sale when you write something that’s been commissioned. So in my spare time, I’m reading books like Simon Whaley’s The Complete Article Writer and Deborah Durbin’s So You Want To Be A Freelance Writer?

Having said that, I want to put together some books of my published stories, mainly for family and friends. I might as well put out eBook versions of them. My daughter’s come up with a wonderful cover for me too. I’m aiming to have the first one ready before Christmas.

5. Looking forward to reading Edit is a four letter word. Can you tell us about the new book? What or who inspired you to write it, and what will be next?

I suppose once the title popped into my head one night – as it did! – I wanted to use it. So my antennae were alert when there was something on the Compass Books Facebook page about wanting an editing book for writers. It was more coincidental timing than inspiration really.

Once I got the go-ahead, I kept the younger generation of my family in mind. We’re a family full of creatives – drawing, painting, dancing, music, woodworking, photography. Some already have unfinished manuscripts sitting in drawers.

I’m hoping my experiences might be of help. And I’ve tried to include as many other writers as was feasible. Editing is an individual thing and we each have to find our own way.
There are no plans for a next book. But if the right idea and opportunity come along again it’s something I’d enjoy doing.

Edit is a Four-Letter Word - cover imageBuy the book here

To pay a visit to Glynis’s website, click on this link

Thank you, Glynis for taking time to pop in today, and good luck with the new book. It’s on my list already.

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Glam gran says, ‘Who’s Hettie?’

Hello to all my lovely followers, new ones and older ones.

I read a great book yesterday, this one – Short story secrets – turning words into money. That sounded good to me, and the e-book is great as well. So thanks Hettie for all the great tips, and I’m going to be writing this afternoon, when I’ve finished blogging.

Hettie is the pen name of a writer who has had over 200 stories published in women’s magazines, and she is an older lady, who is definitely glam; I know that from her beauty tips in the next book. They could have come directly from my Grandma’s scrap-book, and they’re fab. One little clue tells me who Hetty might be, but that person isn’t as old as the lady I’m thinking of… We once had ‘Where’s Wally?’ Now I’m working on ‘Who’s Hettie?’ My spell checker wants to call her Hattie, but I do prefer Hettie. Maybe I’ll be Bessie Baintree from now on, and write naughty stories.

In complete contrast, another book I’ve got on kindle is this one An ugly way to go is full of short stories with laugh out loud moments. Great to read when you stop for coffee, which in my case is quite often. If you like quirky stories, and I do, this is for you. I haven’t reviewed it yet as I’m still reading those funnies.

This book has over 300 reviews and can’t wait to read it soon. I’m guessing St. Eves in South West England is based on St. Ives.

A cover of a book makes a difference, I tend to go for either colourful ones, or classical ones, how about you?

Now Glam Gran’s tip of the week is, drink water. If you don’t like it plain, then add some squash, or a slice of lemon. A glass of water in the morning, and mid-day, and again later on will keep your skin glowing and send oxygen to all parts of the body, which is always good.

green teaI’ve found a new green tea with lemon, it’s lovely, and takes away the bitterness that sometimes comes with green tea. Still losing the weight, but it’s more about stabilising at the mo, and not putting any back on.

Until next week, when Glynis Scrivens will be here, bysie bye…….

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Here it is…

coverThe new cover of my latest e-publication. Don’t you just love it? I know I do, and it’s exactly how I wanted it to be.

A collection of 9 stories set in my favourite made up village in mid-Norfolk.

So far, it’s available on Amazon.com and soon will be on the .uk one as well. Here…

Nine stories in all, ending with The Wedding… It’s taken a while, so at last I can get on with something else now. Like the serial for People’s Friend magazine, and a story for the Alfie dog competiton.

Coming next week, interview with Glynis Scrivens and all about her latest book, which I need to get. Edit is a four letter word.

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Stories for summer

My latest story to be published on Alfie dog short story website is called ‘Sowing Seeds.’ Its about Walter, and how he tries to avoid the woman next door. She means well, but won’t leave him in peace to get on with his gardening. The story has been published before, but now it’s added to my growing collection on there.

A couple of photo’s to go with the story…

Digital imagephoto_9864_20091114[1]

If you’ve got children at home who’re a bit bored by now, tell them to settle down and listen to the story of Alex. He has a metal detector, and a dog. Together they get up to lots of fun during their stay in a cottage near Exmoor.

Summer Holidays

book cover summer holidays

The summer holiday story is suitable for 7 – 8 year olds, hope you and they enjoy reading it – it’s fiction, and part comedy part fairy tale, told in the voice of Alex. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself off to Exmoor and join in the fun.

Tales from Paradise PatchHere’s one for younger children. A collection of stories set in Grandma’s back garden. There are five stories in all, and they’re suitable for 4 – 7 year olds. It’s not as quiet as you might think on Grandma’s back yard.

Growing up in the 70’s is a collection of 4 stories, and mine’s one of them that won a competition to be published with black coffey. They wanted funny stories set in the 70’s. The reviews aren’t brilliant on there, but I think the reviewers were a bit harsh. And isn’t that cover funky?

cover art

Now I’ve got a brand spanking new cover for my Redington collection, which will be published soon. I’ll wait until the whole thing is finished before revealing the smashing art work.

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