Life’s a Gas

It’s not every day I’d have a chance to post two of my favourite singers together, but we has a bit of a gas moment ourselves recently. The smell of gas was strong enough to call out an engineer. Turns out there was a slow leak next door, but the neighbours were away.

Thanks to a few helpful people, all was fixed, and we’re no longer getting high on gas fumes. There’s me going round thinking it was the weather. Then when they arrived home, we had an unexpected gift of wine and flowers.

Enjoy the clip of Cilla and Marc.


Say it with flowers

Digital imageRupert and Edith When I go out in the mornings with my cleaning job in the blue van, we pass the island of flowers every day. Which reminds me it’s a hundred years this year that Edith Cavell, the Vicar’s daughter from Swaderton in Norfolk, and Rupert Brooke – Warwickshire soldier and poet, were killed. They were both in Norfolk when they heard news of the war breaking out. Rupert was in Cley-Next-the-Sea, and Edith was at home in Swardeton. As far as I know, they didn’t meet each other, but to me they’re similar. Both serving their country, and having a sense of humour quite unique. If you wanted to know more about the life of each of them, you will find it here, in The Angel and the Poet. The articles were originally published in The Great War magazine, but I felt that they belonged together, so self-published them here. ———————————— One of Rupert Brooke’s poems – written when he was abroad, and dreaming of home Old vicarage, Granchester Just now the lilac is in bloom, All before my little room; And in my flower-beds, I think, Smile the carnation and the pink; And down the borders, well I know, The poppy and the pansy blow . . . Oh! there the chestnuts, summer through, Beside the river make for you A tunnel of green gloom, and sleep Deeply above; and green and deep The stream mysterious glides beneath, Green as a dream and deep as death. — Oh, damn! I know it! and I know How the May fields all golden show, And when the day is young and sweet, Gild gloriously the bare feet That run to bathe . . . `Du lieber Gott!’   To read more of the poem, click here

Digital image
soldier in greenery

BRING BACK OUR GIRLS: – Promote Yourself

Let the girls go free to learn and live.


My mind goes totally numb
At mention of Bako Haram
A cruel and senseless action
Happening in this newest millennium!

The greed of some White men
String pulling by a kingpin
The 200 coloured thirteen’s…
Kidnapped by a so-called human being!

All will be forgotten soon
All wanting to save their skins
All except the mothers of ones…..All the innocent girls stolen in sin!

If you and me, all the mums
Feel any indignity and shame
If being female causes such pain
Do pain unto others, who are partners in the crime!!!….


Aisha Idris

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Tempting temping.

Temping week is over, and I had a great time. Really friendly people, and my own little office to answer the phone, and sort the post, tick off a register of who’s in, who’s out on business, and who’s on holidays.  Felt a bit like being the teacher, for a week. I’ve just got to know who is who, and I’ve left.

It made me quite hungry, as talk of food goes on all over the place. And, samples of food, piles of bacon sandwiches into the board room today, while I was at the coffee machine. The lady in the next office has foodie conversations all day long. A jolly, bubbly person, who laughs nearly all day as well, what a job! It was only by day 2 I realised I was putting my wooden spoons in the shredder, thinking it was a bin. It worked alright though, I know that as I had to go and shred a wad of paper today. Trouble is, when I’d finished, the machine didn’t want to stop. Someone passing didn’t know either, so he just switched it off…

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????So when I came home, me and Alan had bacon egg and chips, with some nice fresh bread from the bakery, there’s no hope for the diet much is there?

I’ve published a book of 20 poems here. Hope you enjoy reading them if you decide to download it. Some of them, you may have already seen, others you might not have.

Looks like the weather is going to be nice for the weekend, time for the garden again, hopefully.

photo_9864_20091114[1]Have a great weekend, whichever way you spend it.



Jumping on the settee…

A creative cake to go with the reading.

It's got lemon curd and butter cream in the middle, icing on top.
It’s got lemon curd and butter cream in the middle, icing on top.

imm020_43Brother Maurice is hiding in the cloisters.

Look what I’m up to today, on Creative Frontiers. Hope you enjoy reading how I began writing.

My latest poem is here, read about Aqua Marina sitting on her favorite rock. It’s for a competition, the theme is tide.

I’m in the middle of putting a collection of my poems on kindle, trying to get the pages to line up, might be a while^___^

Oh, how lovely, there are lots of new stories to download on Alfie dog today. Read about Brother Maurice, and why he’s dreading the school trip.

Also, stories from Jan Bayham and Patsy Collins, and Helena Sheridan to name a few…. If you want something to read this afternoon, take a stroll over to Alfie and enjoy.

Coming soon…. interview with regular People’s Friend writer, Suzanne Ross Jones……




Latest news.

Hello blog followers, new ones and lovely old ones. How exciting, the latest writing magazine landed on the mat today. It’s a job to know which bit to read first as it’s all good. I have to confess my favorite regulars are Lynne and Lorraine. 

Now I have a feeling Lynne is psychic; this is because every month, it feels as if she’s written that column entirely for me. Last month, I was pondering on the courses I’d completed, even if it took several, (in the longest sense) years, and classes, and vast amount of books I’d read on how to write, and decided, I should ‘get on with it.’ That’s what she wrote, word for word. This month, she talks about, the joys of getting something published. And, how we should not take rejections personally. Again, I had a ‘sorry, we’ll pass on this’ for my novel openings from Diane Banks, yet I have a letter in the same magazine. Even if they called me Susan James, but that’s my fault, as I hand wrote the letter, and my Jones can look a bit like James. It was in response to Rena George, who would rather write in pen first, then put her words on the computer. Perhaps that should be my new pen name. Lorraine’s page always gives me something to smile about as well.

Also, I have a story published on Creative Frontiers.  Walter has gone public, and hope you enjoy reading what he’s getting up to.

I’ve sent a funny item off to That’s Life letters page here. They pay well, and don’t forget to add a photo if you send something in. I’ve had three letters in there already, and they always ask for more. I was clearing out my old bags in the wardrobe yesterday; full of notebooks, and I lingered a while, reading the scribbled notes from over the last year or so I tend to stuff in the bottom of my bag. The one was really funny. It was actually in an envelope, to go to Essentials, and I’d forgotten to post it. I’ve now emailed it to That’s Life.

Here’s a poem that appeared in ‘Rubies in the Darkness.‘ I found that when I was clearing out as well. It’s in the form of Tectactrys.

This forms a diamond, using 1,2,3,4,10,10,4,3,2,1, syllables….



a time there

was a dancer.

She waltzed around the clusters of snowdrops;

Singing magic melodies to Springtime.

It’s here my friends.

Come out and

Play with


Fairynuff, I think she likes Peple's Friend magazine. I like him..

Digital imageDigital imageDigital imageDigital image