RNA Profile

I now have a profile on the Romantic Novelists Association profile pages. If you want to have a look, it’s here.  

Thank you to John Jackson for all his hard work in updating everyone’s profiles, and hope you see some other names you recognise from your favourite writers.

Hope the writing is going well with you all, or whatever else you may be doing. I’m busy reading up on WW1 and WW2, as well as having a lovely chicken dinner. We’ve got our four legged friend for company as well.

Sly in waterHe likes to have a paddle whenever he can. Have a great week, talk soon.


More promoting

I’m getting into this promoting lark now. So I’ve been working on my website as it’s been neglected for a while. No excuses not as I have more news to tell you, and I think there might be an option to sign up to a newsletter on the front page of the website. Still working it out, so if you sign up and hear nothing, fear not, it’s just me working it out.

Following on from last post, there’s been a review in prices of the Writers’ key rings. Talking to the boss it turns out that I got the prices wrong, not the only thing this week, but that’s another story. Details will be on a Facebook page where you can see the more generous offer. Now I’m busy making up key rings with my own book covers and watch out for some fab giveaways on here very soon.

It’s football fever around here and well done to England with that great win over Panama earlier, but not sure Panama knew the rules. Did you see all that dancing and hugging going on?

Her Own Robinson Crusoe will be in the shops on 12th July, but I’m sure I’ll be reminding you before then as I’m so excited and can’t wait to see it on the shelves in Asda. The cover is really lovely and just how I imagine the heroine Serena to look.

Have a great week and enjoy the lasting sunshine but don’t forget the hats and sun cream.


The Holt Bookshop


Proud to say that Redington is now available to buy in a Norfolk Book Shop.

If you live anywhere near Holt in North Norfolk, you can pop in and have a browse. Independent bookshops are a rare find, and I’m so happy that my characters have found their way onto the shelves in there. Hope they behave themselves.

My Mum is on Chapter 5 – The Ghost of Windmill Walk, and she tells me she’s enjoying the stories.

Another delivery of books is due soon, so then I hope to add to the list of independent bookshops to stock my little gem.



Murder on the Market

market picture


My latest Redington serial is published here. Creative Frontiers.

If you’re new to my Redington village stories, you can find links to the first three on my website.

There’s also some Billy Fury music on there for those who like a bit of nostalgia.

Redington is in mid Norfolk and is one of those villages where everyone knows what’s going on and who’s who.

The first three are, The Redington Millions, The New Arrivals, and Murder at Brook House Farm.

My next one will be a ghostly tale, as the last two are murders, and I don’t want it to become a village

of horrors. The Ghost of Windmill Walk is next, then Midnight on Colley Hill will be a Halloween tale.

Hope you enjoy the story if you read it.



Have a lovely Easter

Digital imageDigital imageDigital image

Enjoy Easter weekend, whichever way you’re going to. We’re still on painting the fence, in-between relaxing, reading, chatting to family who will be popping in. Also, I want to plant the garden with something from the local farm shop. The doughnut man is hoping to be busy, but I’m busy at the gym now, so I’ll be having one of my chocolate cornflake cakes instead. I do realise, they’re not diet food, but I’m not on a diet, only eating less. So instead of 5 cornflake cakes, I’ll have 2, and they’re small.

My on-line writing group who have helped enormously with my fiction writing over the last couple of years have now got a website. You can check us out here.

It’s great fun, and I know I’ll be telling you about my latest story published soon, thanks to all the help from my friends. And if I don’t, it’s good to be having fun along the way.

Woman’s Weekly have changed the magazine quite a lot lately. This weeks is great with a page on fiction editor Gaynor Davies, who writes in such a funny style, I’d like her to have a column of her own. Maybe I’ll write and let her know. I love the bit where she says her Gran looked back at her in the mirror. Mine has been doing that for ages, but luckily I longed to be like her one day, so be careful what you wish for. Also, the stories are brilliant as usual. Me and hubby are going to do the crossword, it’s a good excuse to sit down with a coffee. (Not that we need one:)

I’m reading ‘We that are Left’ Juliet Greenwood. And, ‘Call it Pretending’ Frances Di Plino, so I know I’m in for a treat.

Whether it’s gardening, knitting, reading or writing, or good old fashioned sitting around doing nothing….. Have a great weekend.

Digital image


Can you write fiction?

When you write fiction, have you ever tried writing about a place that does exist, but you haven’t been to? I understand the rule of writing what we know, but fiction is made up, so with all the resources available to us nowadays, why not write about somewhere you haven’t been? Elizabeth George in Writing magazine July issue, says that it’s not possible to write properly about somewhere you’ve never been; she toured Cornwall for her crime novels. I saw a t.v. programme, where Ian Rankin did the same in Scotland. They are great writers, but on the other hand, can we have a story going on, and use a fictional version of a place, using information you’ve gathered?

I’ve had a go on my website, on the prompts page here
The story needs editing again, but I’m having a go at writing from a male viewpoint, and a grumpy old one as you can see. My children’s story, written from the viewpoint of a nine year old boy, here.

I’ve been tidying the house as you can see above, (no, not really, it’s fiction) our house is more lived in than that. Looks a good setting for a story though doesn’t it?

new haircut.

Wish me luck, I’m off to work tomorrow, my first day at the helpline, looking forward to that.