Updating the blog…

It’s been a few months since I updated the blog – here’s me and Sophie having a swing in our local park. Always great to spend some time together, and she’s growing into a clever little girl. Making cakes and loving her reading books and spending lots of time outdoors.




Making cakes for nursery



Marble Arch at dawn, for
any Fools And Horses fans


Two handsome chaps relaxing and chatting by the seaside.


Magic moments xx


Sly doesn’t want to get his feet wet today…

The building work on our house is finished for now, and we have a jukebox in the corner of the room so we can listen to fabby music all day long, when not at work. Alan retired this year, so it’s smashing to enjoy long walks in the afternoons together.


A quiet moment before we walk a bit further.

Now today it’s snowing and the scenery looks great. Funny how everything looks different coverd in snow and so glad it’s a day when I don’t have to go out to work.


Gathering sticks for a real fire


Mom and Dad’s dog – Tess

A couple of fun pics to finish with, and enjoy the festive season spending time with loved ones – More blogging news soon, I’m off to edit the last chapter of my latest pocket novel, more news on that later.

Al guitar

Billy and the blue jeans will be on tour next year

Sue Guitar

With Suzy on guitar:))




Chain blog.

I’ve been linked in by Patsy for the chain blogging.

So here’s my answers to the questions.

1. What am I working on.

A/ Hats off to Love is my novel, that is finished in rough draft, but not to a publishable standard, and please stop sniggering anyone who’s read it, I know…. it needs work,,,, and editing, and possibly… well, let’s say, I’ll be some time with it yet. In-between that I enter competitions, as I seem to do better with these than with my womag stories.

2. How does your work differ from others in it’s genre?
A/ My work differs because it’s in a genre all of it’s own. I like something different, and I have had people say, ‘but that would never happen.’ It’s fiction, so I don’t mind. If I’ve had fun writing it, that’s the point of doing it.

3. Why do I write what I do?
A/ Because it makes me feel better. I get ideas off my mind – it clears the space for other thoughts, and more stories.

4. How does the process work.
A/ Being an old fashioned kind of bod, I tend to write in longhand first. I like crossing out, then re-writing, then after about three versions, then I put it on to the computer. Then I might change it once more. My groups where fellow writers, who are better than me, help and advise, is invaluable. Thanks for all your help everyone.

After asking one or two if they wanted to chain blog from mine, I’ll spare everyone the inconvenience of doing this in the middle of Christmas, and wish all my followers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…. Off to make mince pies, sausage rolls, and cheese straws now…..

Digital image

If you look closely, you can see snow on Snowdon in the background. That’s because it’s been Snowed on……

Wishing peace and happiness to you all…..

Be inspired.

Thanks to Patsy for this lovely award.  Looks quite stylish doesn’t it?  Now I need to tell you 7 things about me that you might not already know.

1.  I listen to the radio while I’m at work making up holly wreaths.  Today it was five live in the workshop and radio 2 in the shop.  Listening to the stories of those children in America had me in floods of tears.  Luckily no customers were in at the time.  I heard the tale of a little boy who said, ‘It’s alright, I know karate so we’ll be alright.’ We must send prayers for them all there.

2.  I get lots of ideas for my writing from work.  A lady came in today looking at a little Christmas tree.  She said, ‘I might have that.  I bought a new one last year but it’s up the loft and I can’t get up there, so I’ll probably buy a new one.’ (how strange)

3.  We don’t have many Christmas cards these days.  One from our accountant with his team of smiley people.  Saying, we’re the team who charge you a lot of money to tell you you have made some money, but not lots, then you can pay us – Happy Christmas.  Then there’s one our Son had from the Indian takeaway.  Two from a couple of favourite aunts, one mine and hubby’s side, then there’s one from – Aunty Nelly, from Alaska. That’s a pseudenym of course.  Now Aunty Nelly writes in a silver pen on white card, so you have to tilt the card to read it.  Not only that, she writes slantedly, so it’s nigh on impossible to read.  Here’s why.  Aunty Nelly say’s she’s dissapointed that blah blah blah de blah blah, and they’re busy busy busy. But not too busy to write the A5 sized manuscript that passes as a Christmas card.  Oh and we want you to come and do this that and the blah blah other.  How that card hasn’t been ripped up I’m not sure, but living in Alaska… Don’t think Aunty Nelly follows my blog, but I’ve joined so many twitters, about me, linked in and so forth, that she might just zoom in one day. Punctuation!!??–… She’s good at that, one of these screamers!!!!! follows every sentence, she’s thick as a brick and twice as cheeky, BUT. She will be in my next story and have lots of thing happen to her.  Must go and read Patsy’s Mavis story – Paint me a Picture to get some ideas as I remember you saying some people got bumped off in there. Not that Aunty Nelly will get bumped off, she must have a custard pie in her face at least first.

4.  I don’t like being told what to do, which is why we have our own shop.  Thing is, they’re being knocked down next year, so must change direction.  Ideally I need a job where I get paid lots of money for writing, be able to drink tea whenever I want, be outdoors a lot and in general please myself.  Haven’t found one of those yet, but will keep an open mind.

5.  My New Year slogan is something like this.  ‘In the year two o one three, aim to sell your work for a fee.  Expect to get paid for the words that you’ve said.  Know your wordsworth.’  That’s not to say that I won’t ever submit a story for free, just that I intend to lift the bar up a bit, then drink the brandy and babycham, and improve the standard of writing. (I don’t drink, but if I did it would be b&b.

6.  Out on the market is where I feel most comfortable.  It’s splendid for getting story ideas.  For instance, there’s usually an argument if someone goes in someone else’s place.  Someone usually gets stuck in mud.  Someone might shoplift, and have a stall holder chasing them around.  Last time we went, the man on the next stall lifted a clothes rail from a girl who insisted on wandering round. (not me, I only mooch once in the day) He shouted to her when she came back. ‘Watch out there’s thieves around today.’  She kept saying ‘thanks for that.’  Took her a while to notice he’d taken her rail.

7.  Family also give good things to write about.  Especially Dad who is really funny without realising.  He’s a natural born story teller.  If he’s in a room, nobody gets a chance to get a word in.  He always has a tale to tell.  He used to tell us stories about an old king who lived in the woods.  The only people who could talk more than him is his elder brother and his Mum – my Gran.

Phew, bet you’ve dropped off to sleep by now.  Here’s some blogs I like.

Teresa, Helen, Sally, Gail, AmandaSuzanne.  There’s lots more like Juliet, and Linda.   Nicola and Vanessa.

Simple things.

Digital imageDigital imageHere’s a picture of my holly wreaths I’m busy making for our lovely customers in the shop.

We’ve put our tree up now, it’s covered in snow and covered in white lights.  I want to dedicate this post to all homeless people.  I couldn’t imagine not being able to come home to our loved ones and have a cosy fire and warm food.

A homeless man in Totnes, Devon died last night.  He’d been offered accomodation, but refused it as he had been living on the street for so long and didn’t want to move from the town he was in.  How sad to be alone and have nowhere to live.  The angels who give up their time and energy to give out soup and sandwiches to street people need to be in our thoughts this time of year as well.

We seem to be in a Dickensian period again, with rich people at one end of the scale, then homelessness, food banks and poverty at the other end.  With this post I’m sending prayers to all homeless people, hoping they find some comfort this season.  To the people who give them a warm drink, food and a friendly smile, special thoughts for them too.

Here’s a poem I wrote after visiting a seaside resort, and seeing an old lady.  It made me shudder to see her.



I fear the old woman

surrounded by bags;

Who sits on a bench

In layers of rags,

Watching the sea

In a trance.

Far away in

Another place,

Reminiscing of a time

When she meant something

To somebody.

Layers of clothes

Tied up with string,

Like a parcel that

Wasn’t delivered, nobody wanted.

Expressionless, emotionless.

She doesn’t see or hear;

Except for the sea

Sparkling clearly,

Reminding her, showing

That she holds dearly.

I fear the old woman

In layers of clothes,

Who sits on a bench

Watching the sea.

Someone’s mother,

someone’s wife,

Whatever happened

In her life,

Ending up, watching the sea.

As I walk past

I shudder inside,

I could be her,

She could be me.

That lonely old woman

Wrapped up in rags.