Newsletter ~ January ~ 2023

Hope you’re all getting into the swing of this new year. I believe 2023 is going to be a fantastic year for creative writers, and readers. Let’s face it, we can’t be writers without being readers can we? Have you got a target for reading set this year, or do you just read at random and see how it goes? I used to be random, but now I’m aiming for at least a book a month, more if possible, but don’t want to overstretch like I’m prone to do and then let the idea dwindle.

My morning pages of free flow creative writing is going great. So far I have only missed a couple of days, and it really clears your mind for your own stories. I would highly recommend it – something I always did over the years, and of late it’s been neglected. Also, being on social media less is something I aim for, while still keeping in touch with my friends obviously.

I started knitting a poncho, quite a task, but who doesn’t love a big colourful knit to throw on in the springtime to keep the breezy April winds at bay? Another task I want to learn this year is how to knit socks. A few years ago, after casting on and mastering the one sock, it was simply a step too far to get the other one finished. Shame really as it was blue with a lacy pattern, and it took an effort to throw it away to avoid feeling daft. This is the year of the hand knitted sock, so if anyone has any tips, feel free to get in touch.

As I type, there are two trays of mustard and cress on the front windowsill. Sophie sprinkled one plate, I did the other. We put a piece of kitchen roll, soaked in water and a few of each, just to test whether they’ll grow. Today, only three days later, the mustard is sprouting, cress isn’t just yet. I’ll keep you informed.

I have some really colourful new Tarot cards. The Tarot of curious creatures. They’re the proper tarot symbols and names, but with animals included. They’re really special. I have a page on Facebook, if you want to know more about that. I’ve been reading the cards for over 40 years, and enjoyed learning all about them from a young age when my grandma let me look at hers. Now Sophie, my own little granddaughter is fascinated with the colourful pictures and loves asking a questing and pulling out a card. Sometimes I go out to an event where I read the cards and sell my books as well. Speaking of which, better get on with those.

Have a good week, more creative news next month.

Writing Sue @ Tarot Crystals Palmistry ~~~~~~~~


My Writing Journey

We all start somewhere, and for me, before I could even write by the age of 5, I was an avid reader, and knew I wanted to write books.

Fair to say it’s taken me a while to get to ‘books’ but the amount of poetry and jottings and diary entries I used to do are all over the house in fat folders. They make me laugh and chuckle and cringe. Things I put down were like I was talking someone and it helped on my journey to being a better writer.

Over recent years, with social media taking up our time, and quick bursts of words, the quality of writing isn’t the same.

This year I have been lucky to get a beautiful note book, chunky and A4, so every day, preferably morning, all my thoughts go down on the page; just like the old days. It’s a great feeling, having these empty pages to write and write until the bothersome things are dealt with, then I am open to getting on with the manuscript at hand.

Here’s a brilliant competition, free and closes today so if you can write under 600 words on the theme by midnight, good luck.

The Writers College contest is for original 600 words writing advice pieces on the theme.

‘The best writing tip I ever received.’

I’m having a go at this, just to get back in the swing of competition entries.

Closing day is today, better get on with it.

Rules are on the website.

Good luck if you have a go, and I already have mine, but what is the best tip you ever received that helped you with your writing.

Enjoy the moment

Hope you’re all getting time to relax and catch up with family. That’s what I like best about this time between Christmas and New Year. Reflecting on how it’s been. For me it’s felt like and endless year, and things that happened a couple of months ago, seemed like much longer than that.

Now, it’s coming to the end of 2022, I’m quite glad to be getting used to not going out to work in a 9 – 5 job, and being a full time writer. I’ve always worked for myself in one way or another, so it’s great to have more time to get all my ‘stuff’ tidied up and organised, which is turning into a job in itself, me being one who takes a bag of books to the charity shop and comes back with another few more.

Looking forward to March when my latest pocket novel will be on the shop shelves. And still getting into the habit of writing every day, whether on the keyboard, or with pen and paper, my preferred way. Somehow it feels more like it’s real if the words have gone into a written form first then to keyboard, even though it takes longer, the end result comes quicker.

Enjoy a country walk, coffee and chat with a friend, or throwing the ball for your four legged friend. Living in the moment can make us realise that small moments in time will become memories for the future. For anyone caring for loved ones, hold them tight, tell them you love them. Don’t have regrets, be positive and enjoy everything you have now. Todays moments are tomorrows reflections.

When you find an old shelf, and it changes into a guitar, rock stars are go

NEWSLETTER Blogging/is it still worthwhile?

For me, it was where I began my online writing life. Posting about my day, whether it was making jam, knitting, walking, or funny things that happened at work, it gave me a space to share things with other writers, family and friends.

Back then, does anyone remember the badges we used to give each other, like ‘Friendly Blogger’ and other cute names, making us feel happy? Then there were the themed posts, like Giggle Blog, Glam Gran’s blog. Among other subjects like pictures of nature, the dog, or family, Grandaughter, and holidays.

Now I was going to start a newsletter, but decided this blog is like a newsletter. We can overcomplicate things sometimes can’t we?

For me, it’s the writing I love best and I’m rocking and rolling with my latest WIP – well – I’m in 1914, so it’s more of a lean time, bit like now really! Surprising how you can save pennies that add up to pounds. I was brought up in the 60’s, and spent time with grandparents’ who had lived through 2 world wars, so that helps with writing in the early part of the C20th.

Also, doing research, I now know why my grandad used to love a certain place, sitting in his chair looking at the landscape, reminiscing – he would have trained there before going out to war, and probably visited travelling fairgrounds with his family when he was a boy.

The heading here is tonight’s subject in #writingchat an hour from 8 – 9pm with Carol, Patsy and Maria. It’s a great help to writers, and if you want to join in, just look for #writingchat and hop on with your point of view, or reply to anyone who has posted theirs.

I am well into the writing, so having a missing night tonight. Wishing you well, and happy writing.

If you want to be on my list of followers here, this is where my writing news will be.

For now, I am working on chapter 7 of 20/25 – It’s changed since I began, but this is more my story than the other one.

More news on how it’s going soon. For anyone doing nano, keep writing and don’t read back or edit, just write.

See you next time.

Suzy xx

Nice surprise


Heard today that a letter of mine will be published in Writing Magazine – it was following an experiment to see if fillers are still used.

Also a rejection from a publisher, who didn’t want a novel, but asked to see more work – I’ll take that as a compliment and keep writing and subbing.

Here’s book 1 of the village in Norfolk – now working on the third one, and it’s going quite well so far.

Filler items/reader’s letters

There was a time when you could always find a magazine that published filler items. I started off writing a letter to Woman’s Realm. We had some giant thistles in the garden. I sprayed them gold and silver and used them as Christmas decorations. That gave me my first cheque for my writing £5. It was the start of having lots of little snappy bits of news published in a whole range of magazines.

I’m on a mission to see if we can still get these fillers accepted and are there any magazines that bother to pay writers’ for them anymore? Maybe with Twitter and Facebook, they have a ready harvest of fillers for free.

What do you think? Do you miss the fillers, or the steady flow of income they used to provide? Or have I forgotten about them. Hobby magazines are full of bits and pieces, I’ll let you know how I go on.

A card I made for a friend, the one on the right:) before I got my score and cut board. They’re a bit more level now.

Getting sorted with blog and website.

It’s been a while since I came to my blog and website, so thought a hot weekend would be a good idea to clarify where these two places are. Yes, it’s so easy to hop onto Facebook and twitter, but the blog and website are more like having my own personal space ~ a bit like having your magazine to keep ideas and latest writing projects organised.

Working on my brand ~ a collection of published work over the last 7 years.

Not being the most organised of folk, it’s easy to let these things slip. But now, I have more time to dedicate to my writing, and here is a snapshot of things so far. Almost forgotten how to use WordPress, and to think it was my only way of communicating a few years ago.

I am chiefly a writer of romantic fiction, but the first book on kindle and the one that’s sold most, worldwide is this one, over on the right. Two English hero’s who should have lived longer, to do more good work. It’s sad, but they made an impression in their short lives and researching them both was both interesting, and something I’m glad to have done.

The next best -selling work of fiction is the one here below. Redington. That is a long story, that was determined to get published and has sold all around the world, and I am currently working on a third in the collection. Murder in the Village is Redington 2. Or Country Matters 2, in pocket novels.

Edith Cavell & Rupert Brooke
Sue’s Writing Board

Excited to say I’ve finished the Barbados story, and have a beautiful cover to show you. Also, there will be an excerpt of chapter 1 here later today.

So, this is the blog, and now off to see how the website is doing. Happy weekend, have fun.

Kindle version and paperback will be available

Getting crafty

Thought you might like to see my latest creations – card with yacht embroidery, purple velvet cushion with flower basket on. Romantic Cherry blossom card with May your day sparkle added.

Now I know it’s best to blog on the laptop and not on my phone.

You can’t see all the things to do to edit on the phone, so here I am on the laptop, showing you a few things I have been doing. It’s really relaxing, and I’ll add to these as the weeks go by. I’m half way through my next pocket novel now, so that’s going quite well.

fairy wishes

blossom card🧵🧚🏼🌊

Three fruits marmalade

You know when you fancy some really tangy tasty marmalade?

I made orange 🍊 lemon 🍋 and grapefruit marmalade.

Must say I didn’t remember just how long you have to stir before that jammy stage.

However, we have a Warwickshire Country Kitchen full of marmalade to share with friends and family.

what did you create today?

Talk soon. xxxxxx

My little blog, where have you been?

Where has my little blog gone? I only came here because I noticed the lovely Cazzy from Brixham started following me. Can’t wait for my Grandaughter to get your book in the post. She and her mummy will love reading that.

My latest writing news is that two of my pocket novels are going to be published by Ulverscroft in large print. More news on that when I know when they’ll be out. I think I’ll come back to the blog and re-invent it a bit. I let the website go because I just haven’t been doing much writing lately. It’s still there, but needs upgrading if I want to keep it.

Have a great weekend everyone, and will be back here a bit sooner this time.

Here’s the first book I had published. I enjoyed writing it but took ages.
Speaking of which, I’ve got another story to get on with, but reading at the moment.