Getting on with it



Hello to all my lovely blog followers, hope you’re keeping well.

I’m busy working on Another Year in Redington, though that title might change. Just finished chapter 6. Incase you wanted a sneak preview, it’s here.

Thanks to everyone who bought the kindle version over the last few weeks. If you enjoyed the stories, don’t be afraid to leave a review.





End of chapter 6…

Sporting his new shaved head and smart shirt, with ripped jeans, although he’d popped his smart trousers in the back of the van, Richie knocked on the door of Jenny’s flat. His heart hammered like a bass drum in the front row of the carnival. He swallowed and breathed deeply to try and gain his composure.

“You’ll have to change those.”

Her greeting was cutting but Richie only smiled, and said, “How did I guess you’d say that, hang on.” He quickly gathered his Sunday best trousers and changed in her hallway. Then he did a twirl, wearing the exact same clothes he’d had on earlier at Ivy’s Sunday lunch, only his crazy hair was no more, and he’d changed his socks and pants.

She tutted, “You’ll do I suppose.”



Time for a cup of tea and some fresh air now. Have a great week and happy writing.

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18 thoughts on “Getting on with it

    • Yes, Julia, I keep adding a paragraph or two. Had to water the garden tonight though as the flowers were looking a bit sad. Once I get past 25,000 words I get into the zone. It’s 23,166 today, so moving forward. Glad you popped in.

    • Thanks, Linda. It’s slightly different as it’s one long book rather than a collection of stories. I like the new character, Richie, who is the shop delivery boy. He’s looking for love, but not having much luck so far. Not even sure if he will by the end of the story, but I have high hopes for him.

    • Thanks, Jan. I’m having a break from it this weekend, and doing some knitting and painting instead. I’ll be thinking over the plot as I knit/paint though. I have the killer and I need things like motive and opportunity and a few other things. Glad you called by.

  1. Thank you, Wendy. I’ve been writing a long time, so it’s nice when you can actually hold a book full of your words and characters. But then the hard work really begins as people are waiting for more, and me as well, but I’m having a decorating and knitting-in-between weekend. The dress is a Gok-wan creation, Tu in Sainsbury’s, thanks, it’s really soft and comfortable to wear.

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