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Redington 2 cover

Here’s what’s coming soon, and there will be a giveaway on the blog, so watch out for that.

Looking forward to the RNA conference in July, and meeting up with other pocket novelists and romatic authors.

I’m busy writing my next story, which hopefully should be finished before long. I’m on chapter 10 of 15, and if you’d like a taster… of course you would, then here it is…


“I don’t feel guilty for keeping you here; you should be working, but I’m selfish and you wanted to know more about life in the Caribbean, so let’s compromise.” Broderick took her hand and smiled. “How about if I show you some of the more interesting parts of the island, and then later on, I’ll cook while you relax.” He pulled her towards him. “You’re fun to have around.” He laughed, “That’s when you’re not crowning my friends over the head with breakfast plates or spiralling yourself over the edge of my hammock and landing in heap on the grass.” Broderick stifled a laugh and offered his arm.

Serena forced her thoughts away from the beach, and linked her arm through his. “Don’t fret too much, you’re hardly keeping me prisoner. I could have gone back over to Neptune, and maybe I should have, because the longer I stay here, it’s as if…” She didn’t want to say it, but the island of a thousand shells was beginning to grow on her enormously and now that Agwe had taken the children back to the small-holding for a salad lunch with Daniel, she was all alone, with her own Robinson Crusoe.


Hope that makes you want to know more. It does me, so I’d better get on and finish it.

The garden is looking fab, and we have lettuce quite often, but a bowl of chips pops in with it now and again. There’s flowers on the tomato plants and mini cucumbers on the mini-munch variety. Our little grandaughter loves to help water them and is our number one tester of strawberries. She has to eat at least six or seven to see if they’re suitable for the rest of us.


Enjoy the sunshine and more garden photos when the sunflowers are out.


9 thoughts on “Latest news

  1. Well done on getting that next book ready, Suzy! Lovely cover – and photo. I’m gradually getting settled in our new home but need to get on with the writing again. Will be reading your previous book soon.

    • It does take a while to settle in, and spending time with family is far more important. Bet they love having you closer, and I’m sure the writing will flow as soon as you get back to it. It’s good to have a break sometimes, then we go back to it more refreshed. Glad you popped in, and thanks for your kind comments.

  2. How lovely to see your smiling face, Susan and to read about your writing successes ~ congratulations!!! Your new book sounds intriguing and very exotic, I bet you’ve had fun letting your imagination run riot! 🙂

    • Hello, my lovely friend from Nuneaton. Haven’t heard from you in ages. Yes, I’m off to the Caribbean in my mind soon as I’ve watered the garden and finished clearing out my wardrobe. Why do we keep things like flowery jeans that don’t fit anymore. I was going to throw them away, but might try ebay… you never know. It’s the most romantic story so far, well they are in the tropics and he’s all alone, apart from a nosey journalist who keeps prying into his affairs:)))

      • On a different matter (and apols for raising this here), I seem to have received seven comments from you around 5pm today, one on a post I made last year. Is it really you?!

  3. Yes but how odd that on my computer it didn’t show the posts getting through, didn’t mean to stalk you but it was me 😍 Please delete multiple ones if you don’t mind 😊

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