Free book for children

book cover summer holidays

This book is free for 5 days. I think it’s scheduled??? Not sure, but the  post has vanished, so if it doesn’t come up tomorrow, I’ll put it on again.

It’s all about Alex who likes getting into adventures with Dougal his dog.

Enjoy the story with your kiddiwinkles if you read it. It’s one of the first stories I published on kindle, and it’s a special story to me for different reasons.

The reason it’s on offer is because of all the items on my blog, this is the one that lots of people look at. So it’s free now for a while.


2 thoughts on “Free book for children

    • Yes, Wendy. I also have a collection for younger children, and will do that as a freebie soon. Must print it out for my own little grandaughter as well. They were written a long time ago, and I did have great fun doing them. I also have a Young Adult novel that needs subbing somewhere as well. It went round and about and needs altering before trying again. Think I was mixing genres a bit as it was a young lad, eccentric witch, and then romance for witchy woman. Glad you popped in:))

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