Her Own Robinson Crusoe

Sue pn

This is what I’m off to read in the garden under the umbrella of course. It’s still hot here in Warwickshire, but before long I’ll be taking the plane journey with Serena off to the Caribbean. Better get a cool drink to go with it. It’s in the shops today.


Sophie had good news today as well, she got her first swimming certificate. Well done, little swimmer and  hope it’s the first of many.


She looks as proud as Grandma with her books doesn’t she? Well done, Sophie.





Pocket Novels


I’m a pocket novelist for My Weekly, and proud to say another one will be published soon. It’s set in the Caribbean, will let you know as soon as it’s here.

Great to see family members today, Ann and Sophie called, then our Son and his dog bounded in, and lovely to see them all.

al-sophie-ann-e1513338857106.jpg                 WP_20171001_13_50_50_Pro

Knitting is another pastime that I find helps with relaxing, not that I need an excuse to sit down and watch something funny on t.v. Rising Damp is on, and for me good comedy doesn’t date. Same as Larry Grayson who was on the night before. He was a local celebrity in our area, coming from local town of Nuneaton.

My day job is now making badges and key rings, also putting words on tee shirts. Can’t wait to put book covers on key rings, and more news on that coming soon. Have a great week, however you’re spending it.




Latest news

Redington 2 cover

Here’s what’s coming soon, and there will be a giveaway on the blog, so watch out for that.

Looking forward to the RNA conference in July, and meeting up with other pocket novelists and romatic authors.

I’m busy writing my next story, which hopefully should be finished before long. I’m on chapter 10 of 15, and if you’d like a taster… of course you would, then here it is…


“I don’t feel guilty for keeping you here; you should be working, but I’m selfish and you wanted to know more about life in the Caribbean, so let’s compromise.” Broderick took her hand and smiled. “How about if I show you some of the more interesting parts of the island, and then later on, I’ll cook while you relax.” He pulled her towards him. “You’re fun to have around.” He laughed, “That’s when you’re not crowning my friends over the head with breakfast plates or spiralling yourself over the edge of my hammock and landing in heap on the grass.” Broderick stifled a laugh and offered his arm.

Serena forced her thoughts away from the beach, and linked her arm through his. “Don’t fret too much, you’re hardly keeping me prisoner. I could have gone back over to Neptune, and maybe I should have, because the longer I stay here, it’s as if…” She didn’t want to say it, but the island of a thousand shells was beginning to grow on her enormously and now that Agwe had taken the children back to the small-holding for a salad lunch with Daniel, she was all alone, with her own Robinson Crusoe.


Hope that makes you want to know more. It does me, so I’d better get on and finish it.

The garden is looking fab, and we have lettuce quite often, but a bowl of chips pops in with it now and again. There’s flowers on the tomato plants and mini cucumbers on the mini-munch variety. Our little grandaughter loves to help water them and is our number one tester of strawberries. She has to eat at least six or seven to see if they’re suitable for the rest of us.


Enjoy the sunshine and more garden photos when the sunflowers are out.

Anyone for lettuce?

We’re fully stocked with salad leaves. At the moment it’s all year round lettuce, spinach and rocket leaves available in the kitchen garden. And growing on we have yellow courgettes, mini munch cucumber, tomatoes, money maker are my favourite variety. As well, we have normal cucumber, green courgettes, dwarf beans, and dwarf peas, lots of herbs and tons of strawberries with heaps of flowers on them as well.

Good job the garden is looking rosy as we’re having the house re-vamped and it’s going to be a bit of a building site during the summer months


WP_20170507_12_00_00_ProWP_20170507_11_59_31_ProDigital image

Front border

Front border


Redington 2 cover

In writing news, this will be available soon.

And I’m busy working on my next pocket novel, which is a romantic story set in the Caribbean, so off there now. So I’m going to have some chopped pineapple to eat while I’m sailing away… Up to chapter 6, and more news on that as it develops.

Enjoy the lighter nights and mornings. It’s getting light at half past four in the morning now when I go out to my cleaning job.

skunkAnd the great thing is I’m all done by coffee time.sun

Bit of a clanger


You may remember that I’ve recently released A Factory Affair, and done a giveaway on the blog. The winner is the lovely Rosemary Gemmell, and still waiting to hear whether you’d still like the book, Rosemary.

Well, another lovely lady, Elaine Everest, author of Woolworths Girls, and due to release Butlin’s Girls, wondered why I’d put that I was on the shortlist with this for the RNA new talent awards. I didn’t realise the shortlist I was on, along with Elaine, was with the Festival of Romance. For some reason I really thought it was run by the RNA. Maybe it was sponsored by the RNA, but because lots of names I recognised as being romantic writers, were there, and Katie Fforde spoke at the end, and won an award as well. I think that’s why the confusion popped in. So now I’ve corrected the opening of the book to say, this story was on the shortlist of the Festival of Romance, new talent award. We have to get these little details right don’t we? So glad that’s cleared up. Now I need to alter it on the kindle version as well. Thanks to everyone who’s shown an interest in the book, and watch out for another giveaway very soon.

Family time

We had fun today, opening presents with Ann and Sophie as they’re going to her other gran and grandad’s for Christmas Day.

sophie-today Here is the must have p’j’s – clangers and the unicorn handbag for all the best dressed girls about town.

And in the middle picture, pink fluffy marshmallow dressing gown for when a young lady is chilling on the settee.

Speaking of the settee, no day is complete without jumping off the back and rolling on to the floor.


boinging-aroundme-and-annus and Sophie.jpgAny time spent with loved ones is special, it doesn’t have to wait until a certain date on the calendar. Enjoy Christmas, and don’t forget to tell people who matter that you love them. Now I think it’s time I found something yummy to eat. Happy Christmas.


Happy Birthday – Dad 80 today


When your Dad has his 80th birthday, it’s a good reason to do a blog post.

There’s me and Sister Sal with Mom and Dad helping him to eat his lovely cake and sharing a cup of tea. We, or rather, I tried doing a photo of us all together but it turned out rubbish, so two separate ones makes more sense.

He said he doesn’t feel 80, and now he’s recovered after having a new knee, he’s raring to go again.

We’ve got our tree up, but not decorated yet. That will be tomorrow, as I’m busy reading Tracey’s pocket novel – it’s Scary Mary – and that new writing book by Patsy and Rosemary which is really good.

Our old gas fire has gone now and there’s a toasty new heating system in. Now we’ve got a smashing flower arrangement, one Mom did earlier, in the gap and plenty of room for Santa to come down the chimney as well.


Have a great week, whatever you might be doing.


From the oxford dictionary

The universe seen as a well-ordered whole. ‘he sat staring deep into the void, reminding himself of man’s place in the cosmos’

 A system of thought.

‘the new gender-free intellectual cosmos’
An ornamental plant of the daisy family, which bears single dahlia-like flowers and is native to Mexico and warm regions of America. (And some gardens in the Midlands)


A few months ago, I was given a book to read and inbetween the pages was a pack of free seeds from a gardening magazine. Now seeing as it would have been rude not to plant them, I had a vast amount of cosmos plants within a week or two. They grow quite quickly and end up taller than I could have imagined. They remind Alan of stars and when they sway in the wind, I can see what he means. Wonder if that’s how they were named? From now on, I’ll be planting a tray of cosmos every year.

It’s that time of the year when I had a trip to the hairdressers, so here’s my snazzy new look with a shorter, more snappy style. Don’t expect it’ll stay like it for long, so you have to get a photo don’t you? Enjoy the crispy days of autumn, and make the most of this lovely spell we’re having.

Digital image

Sue’s new hairdo

Digital image

Alan having a break from car cleaning


Popped in to the library while I was waiting for my appointment at the hairdressers, and look what I found on the shelves. Not only that, when I looked at it, they’ve given it a strong covering of thick plastic, and from what I can see it’s been well read. I’m sure several people have taken a trip to the Norfolk village.

library-bookHave a great weekend, and if you can, pop into your local library. They need our support otherwise they might be gone one day and that would be tragic.



Updating the blog, and relaxing after a fantastic day with the family. You can imagine who was the centre of attention, and lovely to have everyone home. The best Christmas pressie for me is just that. All being together, and Alan told me when I said that to him that he’d been thinking the very same thing as he finished his last shift at the big orange supermarket. Family togetherness and all being healthy is wealth beyond measure.

Sue, Christmas

I had some fantastic pressies, nice things to eat and drink, fab clothes from Alan and my wonderful page a day diary, dressing gown, slippers that vibrate the ankles. They’ll be great for when I get home from the building site. Plenty of lovely bath bubblies as well. Now off to watch Mary Poppins and tidy up the left over choccies.

He loves his present, and it was a beautiful gold and Onyx ring. He lost his wedding ring years ago, after ten years of being married. We sadly parted after that. Then 15 years later, he found it while he was digging in the garden, but it was battered. He phoned and told me. A year later, we got back together again; it was restored and he proudly wore it again. Recently, his ring had gone a bit loose as he’s lost weight and he’d been meaning to get it altered. Then one day he noticed it had gone, and he guessed it had dropped off at work. There would be no chance of getting it back. So now he’s got a replacement, and he won’t wear it until it gets altered to fit snugly.




Counting our Blessings.

Time of the year to count our blessings.  Looking at what you’ve got rather than what you haven’t is the best way to happiness.  My blessings come in the form of my beautiful daughter.  She has been working on a cruise ship for a few years, but now she’s settled in Ragdale Hall, Melton Mowbary.  Good news is that she’s only a short drive away, so this Christmas will be special with her around.  She’s loveable and passionate with everything she does.  If ever you go to Ragdale Hall, ask for Ann.  She’s the best therapist in my opinion.  A poetry competition on Writelink a few months ago asked for a poem with the theme: Contradictions.  Ann came to mind.  Here’s the poem I wrote.  It didn’t win, but I enjoyed writing it.

A poem of Contradictions.

Ann Susan Jane

You’re so pretty, yet massively vain.

Far too kind and generous with that credit card.

So real and vibrant, truly alive,

My precious doll.

I want to hold you tight till the end of time,

Keeping you safe.

Living wild and free on your boat on the sea.

“Oh it’s a ship, silly me.”

One day you’ll make a wonderful wife,

To an unsuspecting man who will have his life

Turned upside down by you.

My lovely daughter.

 Then our two sons are the best of mates, and really great people.  They take time for friends and they’re always there for each other in times of trouble.  Sometimes when they leave the house, I watch them walking down the street, feeling so proud.  Nothing can match that.  Here’s my next poem.  One that has been on my blog before, but I love it, and though Ann is now on land, it’s a poem that sums up how I feel about our family.

Being Your Mum

My role as your mum is such a privileged one.

Three fine young people before me I see,

Each contributing to society.

Ann is all at sea, on the cruise ships,

Giving beauty treatments to the cruisers.

Iwan is off to Torquay, to make a fresh start,

  Preventing fires in the nearby airport.

Aled is the top telephone man at T.N.T.,

Always there when needed.

So when you wrap it all up,

Ann, Iwan and Aled,

You’re the cream of the crop.

Xx   I love you xx

 I can’t close this post without mentioning the man who I fell in love with, a long time ago.  I was 18 and he was 24.  When I walked into the room, our eyes met.  I knew he was the one.  The man for me.  He told me after that he had the same feelings about me.  We married shortly after, and had our family.  After ten years, unfortunately, we parted and divorced.  Fifteen years on, we were back together, and married a few years later.  So, every day, I count my blessings and know that I’m so lucky to have love, happiness and health.  Here’s my last poem for this post.  It was published in My Weekly a few years ago.  It’s also been in Quantum Leap small press poetry magazine.


Rich isn’t cold coins and dirty notes,

Rich is a feeling.

Wealth isn’t piles of cash and wads of tenners,

Wealth has more meaning.

Rich is watching the birds in spring,

Swooping, diving, and finding their wings.

Rich is when you sing with pride,

You smile a lot, and feel alive.

Summer sunshine, autumn leaves,

Springtime rain and Christmas trees.

Seasons changing, what a pleasure,

Rich is a feeling you just can’t measure.

Enjoy the Christmas season, and welcome to my new blog followers.