Around the garden in June

Hello to all my followers, and hope all is well in your worlds. The garden is looking colourful at the moment, so thought I’d pop out and take some pics for you to enjoy.

I always thought the red valarian was sea pink, until I looked it up just now. I’ve done some pink geranium hanging baskets, with lovely green moss. They need to grow on a bit yet though, so I’ll post a pic when they’re lovely and lush. Normally I put lots of bits and pieces in, but I wanted only the geranium this time.

pink geranium basketPurple pansiesYou may have gathered that I like pink and purple. Now I’m off to write more of my romantic novel. Happy gardening, or writing, or whatever you’re doing. I now have a link on kishboo links page.

They run a story competition every issue, and also want book reviews, and letters or articles.


18 thoughts on “Around the garden in June

  1. Oops! Touch~screen error!
    Until now I’ve quite a variety of greens in all my planting areas ~ but with a little sunshine this week, the more colourful flowers are coming out. The fruit and veg are growing ~ but ever so slowly because of the whacky weather we’ve been having this year!
    Sounds like your new writing space is working well for you, Susan, I haven’t done any serious writing for a long time ~ I’ll follow your link and maybe that’ll inspire me! 🙂

    • Hi, Jacqueline and great to hear from you. Hope you post some pictures of your garden too. Yes, I’m excited at almost finishing the story now. And then doing another one set in Redington. Glad you popped in. Xx

      • Ooh foxgloves. We had those in our garden when I was a child. My dad must have been so fed up because me and my friends used to take the ‘goves’ and put them on the ends of our fingers! Nothing more relaxing than bees buzzing around is there – as long as they don’t come too near you!! xx

      • That’s true, Sue. They seem too busy in and out of the flowers in our garden to come near us. I want to plalnt more bee friendly flowers like pinks and lavenders as well.

  2. And another thanks from me for the garden tour. I can barely see ours this morning because of thick mist. I so wanted to get out and do some gardening this weekend. Never mind, I had a sunny tour of yours instead.

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