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Digital imageHello to all my followers and to the new ones as well. Time for me to tell you about the latest super food I’ve discovered. Well, someone told me about it, and he’s one who’s tried it, so I know it works.

Just to let you know that I’m not promoting skinniness; I’ve changed my diet for health reasons, like cholesterol, blood pressure and weight being too high. We all know big is beautiful because Mika and Meghan Trainor sing about it, and you have to agree…

I’m talking about coconut oil. 

coconutMake sure you get the virgin one, as it’s got no extra things added. You can stir it into coffee or use it in cooking instead of the marge, or butter. It speeds up metabolism, and lowers cholesterol, but gives you the good cholesterol.

I made some sultana and coconut muffins, and they are delicious, or they were.

WP_20150530_13_27_17_ProThey fill you up more than usual muffins, and go great with a cup of tea. This is the recipe. Only where she’s put butter, I used coconut oil. You can buy it in supermarkets, and it’s like honey in a jar, only white. The muffins are easy to make, and there are lots of other great things on that website to make, so I’ll be popping back to see what else I can cook up, to eat.

I started all this healthy eating caper back in April, and now I’ve lost a stone in weight. Yes, I’m amazed myself, but it’s good fun now I have lots of great things to eat and drink, like the Spirulina smoothies…. spirulina

and green tea with a sprig of ginger mint in… I even had to go shopping for a few items of clothing as everything is beginning to look a bit on the baggy side.

Until next time, stay fabulous.


24 thoughts on “Glam Gran’s blog, big is beautiful

  1. A stone? That’s amazing. Well done, Sue. Perhaps on one of your blogs you could list your meals for a typical day so we can follow your example. Last night I ate half of a family-sized M&S fresh cream trifle. I could do with some healthy eating help.

  2. You’re doing really well, Suzy!

    Does the oil smell and taste of coconut? I use creamed coconut in cookies and curries and love the smell as it’s cooking.

  3. Well done, Suzy – that’s amazing! I’m so glad to hear about coconut as I’ve always been a big fan of it and my favourite sweet treat is a mini Bounty bar – maybe it’s not doing me so much harm after all (apart from the sugar content!).

    • Absolutely, Ruth. You are on the same wavelength as me. It’s all about getting the cholesterol and blood pressure around normal, and being the right weight for my height is important to me as well, as I do a physical job. If I don’t get these things under control, I worry that it would be more difficult to do.

    • That’s true, Linda. It’s finding your thing isn’t it? I happen to like all mediterranean foods, and it’s easier to eat salad this time of the year isn’t it? It’s those green whooshie’s that help as well. And going for three long walks a week.

  4. That is amazing! Well done you. I use virgin organic coconut oil for so much – baking, stir frying, spread on toast – I even put some in my bath and Dusty has a teaspoon a day too. Wonderful stuff. I hope this link works – it’s a recipe I’ve used many times and I have to double it because they soon get eaten (and sometimes I use different nuts to ring the changes).

    I love the happy photo of you both 🙂 xx

    • Glad you like the photo, Teresa, we do look happy don’t we? No wonder, as we’d just had a ride on the giggle jerker bus from Brixham to Agatha Christie’s house, and were relaxing in the battlement part of her home. I read later that she wrote some of her books in that exact spot. It was so peaceful. Now I must try that recipe, and it looks so healthy as well. I like how she links to where you can buy the products. And how cute, Dusty is a glam-dog with his daily coconut fix. We all knew that already.

  5. Well done that’s a fantastic achievement. I’d read only recently that of all the oils the coconut oil is the best one to use so thanks for the endorsement. Ooh yes a book of your healthy eating regime would be brilliant 🙂 xx

  6. Thanks, Sue, I made lavender scones with Spanish lavender from the garden today. Only small ones, so I had 3. Well, it’s a Mediterranean diet, and Spanish lavender so you know it makes sense 😉💐

  7. Fantastic news, Susan! Congratulations on your weight loss but most importantly on experimenting with new foods. Great tip! My biggest downfall (apart from M&S trifle, like Lynne) is bread and pasta, which in too much abundance is obviously baaaaadd. I am going to take a leaf out of your book (blog) and pay more attention to what goes into my mouth. I bet you have loads more energy too, don’t you? Fabulous. Thank you for the great post!! All the best and wishing you continued good health and success.

    • Hi, Nicola. Yes, lots of energy, which is good, because I start work at around 6.30, and do energetic cleaning up until, half past 11 it was today, so I need to be fit to keep doing it:)))

  8. Fabulous progress, Susan ~ you’re doing really well with your healthy eating plan! I’ve been using Virgin coconut oil for about 2 years now ~ blitzed into my morning coffee it’s delicious, (I use a hand blender for a few seconds and it mixes it in well and makes it really frothy.) I roast our potatoes in it and use it to make mash. It is more expensive here in the UK than in America ~ but my local independent health shop sells kilo jars for £15, which last me about a month. The benefits are so great ~ protecting against Alzheimer’s is supposed to be among them ~ that I figure we’re worth that expense. Brilliant photo of you and your fella ~ you are definitely an inspiring ‘Glam Gran’!! 😊

  9. My son just gave me a jar of extra virgin coconut oil. I used it to cook tonight. I’ve never tried it in coffee but will do so tomorrow without fail. Thanks for making the muffins. Have a great weekend.

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