Have a lovely Easter

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Enjoy Easter weekend, whichever way you’re going to. We’re still on painting the fence, in-between relaxing, reading, chatting to family who will be popping in. Also, I want to plant the garden with something from the local farm shop. The doughnut man is hoping to be busy, but I’m busy at the gym now, so I’ll be having one of my chocolate cornflake cakes instead. I do realise, they’re not diet food, but I’m not on a diet, only eating less. So instead of 5 cornflake cakes, I’ll have 2, and they’re small.

My on-line writing group who have helped enormously with my fiction writing over the last couple of years have now got a website. You can check us out here.

It’s great fun, and I know I’ll be telling you about my latest story published soon, thanks to all the help from my friends. And if I don’t, it’s good to be having fun along the way.

Woman’s Weekly have changed the magazine quite a lot lately. This weeks is great with a page on fiction editor Gaynor Davies, who writes in such a funny style, I’d like her to have a column of her own. Maybe I’ll write and let her know. I love the bit where she says her Gran looked back at her in the mirror. Mine has been doing that for ages, but luckily I longed to be like her one day, so be careful what you wish for. Also, the stories are brilliant as usual. Me and hubby are going to do the crossword, it’s a good excuse to sit down with a coffee. (Not that we need one:)

I’m reading ‘We that are Left’ Juliet Greenwood. And, ‘Call it Pretending’ Frances Di Plino, so I know I’m in for a treat.

Whether it’s gardening, knitting, reading or writing, or good old fashioned sitting around doing nothing….. Have a great weekend.

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21 thoughts on “Have a lovely Easter

    • That was another Susan Jones Ruth. I wondered for a moment, as I do send something in each month. Then I noticed she was from further North. I’m Warwickshire. Still maybe next month. Happy Easter:)

  1. Happy Easter, Sue. The weather in Wales has been amazing so far and am just hoping for it to last one more day for our planned Easter egg hunt in the garden tomorrow. Could the egg hunt inspire a story, I wonder? 😉

  2. Sure it will Jan. I might write a story about a woman who makes chocolate cornflake cakes,and eats too many so she has to make more. Oh, and a cake topped with revels and m & m’s:)

  3. Hi Charlie, shame, but good to have a job. I’ve just put my c.v. in at a local shop who are taking on a post office. I’ve always fancied working in a post office. Glittery purple fingernails on fingers, crossed:)

  4. Sorry Sue. Was I being tactless? I went back to work to a learning observation which is every teacher’s worst degree of Hell. However, on Wednesday I was observed and got a good result, so I feel better now. Got loads of marking, though, and very little time to write. Whenever I do get round to it, it’s late in the evening, with the result that I’m always tired when I write and I therefore often end up writing rubbish!

  5. Yes, I fancied myself as Juliah Swahalla, in the long dress and weeelll, not quite got the figure for the corset and trimmngs, but fingers crossed. And no, you weren’t tactless, rather be truthful and open. Glad you got a good result. Good luck with the writing. Your stories are great.

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