Nail Art

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Over Easter, our Daughter Ann had chance to practice her skills as a creative nail artist.

And five-year old Isla was first in the queue to be the model. Notice the colour she chose. Not only

purple, but glittery purple.

Find Ann and her creative hobbies on Pintrest.

I’m on Pintrest. It’s great fun, but allow an hour if you’re going to pin.

Her sister found one of Aled’s dressing up props – a black afro wig. And their mum had a go on his roller boots.

I’ll post a home-made video on the giggle blog for May.

We all made cakes, so we have lots of cakes to eat. Good job I went swimming and for a long walk today.

Now, off to put my c.v. in at a local shop. Fingers crossed. And, yes, they’re purple glittery nails on fingers crossed.

Hot off the press for St. George’s Day, you can read my latest Alfie dog story here. Lucky by name…. about a little black poodle.

You can read my latest short story here. Grumpy old man abroad.

Hope you enjoy reading that.

And, I can now tell you that lined up for the next People’s Friend interview, I have Pat Posner. If you read People’s Friend, then you will know that there aren’t many issues that don’t have one of Pat’s stories included. And they’re the best. Tune in on 12th May for that.

Enjoy the rest of Easter week, and giggle blog with video coming soon.

Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

18 thoughts on “Nail Art”

  1. They look pretty! I like nail polish but have stopped wearing it as my a couple of my fingers are a bit lumpy at the moment!. Well done on another story.

  2. Love the nails, Sue! 🙂 Congratulations on having another two stories published on Alfie Dog and Creative Frontiers. Like Teresa, I’m very much looking forward to your interview with Pat and I can’t wait for the giggle blog with video! 😉

  3. Just read and enjoyed ‘Grumpy Old Man Abroad’. Will leave a comment on Creative Frontiers in the morning. Switching off PC now to watch some TV – have been on here almost all day!! 😉

  4. Great minds think alike – I’ve written a story about someone who loves glittery, purple nail polish. (It’s still looking for a home so I don’t want to give anything else away!)
    And I’ve finally got around to reading your story, Pier Into The Future, in Alfie Dog’s Came As Me, Left As We anthology. Enjoyed it very much!

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