My little blog, where have you been?

Where has my little blog gone? I only came here because I noticed the lovely Cazzy from Brixham started following me. Can’t wait for my Grandaughter to get your book in the post. She and her mummy will love reading that.

My latest writing news is that two of my pocket novels are going to be published by Ulverscroft in large print. More news on that when I know when they’ll be out. I think I’ll come back to the blog and re-invent it a bit. I let the website go because I just haven’t been doing much writing lately. It’s still there, but needs upgrading if I want to keep it.

Have a great weekend everyone, and will be back here a bit sooner this time.

Here’s the first book I had published. I enjoyed writing it but took ages.
Speaking of which, I’ve got another story to get on with, but reading at the moment.

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