Hats off to Love

In the shops this weekend.

hats-pocket-novel Hope you enjoy the story if you get chance to find one.

This is the new kindle cover and actual book cover for A Factory Affair.

cover.jpgThis is the kindle one.

And there’s the paperback one, but details are on the spine with the finished one of course. This should be available when proof has been checked. Watch this space to find out when and where… And I might do a blog giveaway.




10 thoughts on “Hats off to Love

    • Hi, Jacqueline, glad to see you on the blog. Internet has been playing up a bit recently, so I’m late replying to you. Yes, it looks like I’ve written loads, but it’s that they’re all getting published this year. Now I need to get back to the writing, it’s what I like best:))

    • Thanks, Jan. Yes, that’s one I’ve been looking at for a while and knowing the girl on the cover is exactly like I imagine Denise to be in the story. You have a mention in there as well for your editing help over the months and years:))

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