Life’s a Gas

It’s not every day I’d have a chance to post two of my favourite singers together, but we has a bit of a gas moment ourselves recently. The smell of gas was strong enough to call out an engineer. Turns out there was a slow leak next door, but the neighbours were away.

Thanks to a few helpful people, all was fixed, and we’re no longer getting high on gas fumes. There’s me going round thinking it was the weather. Then when they arrived home, we had an unexpected gift of wine and flowers.

Enjoy the clip of Cilla and Marc.


6 thoughts on “Life’s a Gas

  1. What a lovely clip. I’m glad you solved your gas problem (Ooh missus!). The engineer who came out to service my boiler the other day said he’d nearly been done in by one of his customers who left a patio heater on over the weekend in her conservatory!

    • Oh, blimey. I didn’t think what a dangerous job they do, Julia. The gas smell was from next door and he insisted he had to get into the house somehow, even though they were away on honeymoon. Luckily we knew someone who knew someone who knew where to find her mum. Glad you enjoyed the clip. It’s a fave of mine:)

    • Yes, Teresa. I only rang as it was a Friday afternoon, with the weekend approaching and the smell was quite strong. I can highly praise our provider, n.power for sending someone within five minutes and he insisted that he must get in next door even though they were abroad. He would have smashed windows, but luckily it didn’t have to come to that. And they’ve just had new ones all round lately. Glad you popped in:)) xx

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