October giggle blog.

At work the other day, it came to the time of cleaning the canteen in a factory where we have to enter a code to get through the door. Most places have codes now, and it’s a task in itself to remember them all.

On this particular morning, I marched up to the door, hoover in hand and hose wrapped round my neck, confident I’d remembered the order of numbers. Plonking Henry down, I said to my friend from Sunderland; “I know this code,” tapped it in, then added, “The door is really stiff.” Another time, I had the right code, and couldn’t open it, and a chap had told me it was stiff, and you have to give it a really good shove.

So I leaned back, and threw all my weight behind it and shoved. Now somebody must have oiled the door, because I shot through it like Peter Sellers and Kato in one of the Pink Panther films, and almost fell up the stairs that are a good ten feet on from the door. Good job nobody was on the other side, and I wish they’d let you know when they oil the doors.

Peter Sellers charging through a door….

I fancied eating a gingerbread man, so after looking in my recipe books, (I’m old fashioned like that) I googled a recipe, and found a good one on the bbc website. It made 16, though the recipe said 20. Mine were slightly thicker than they should have been, but I won’t hold that against them, I made them that way. So a few days later, I had a dream that I was in one of the places we clean, another factory, different from the above, and a giant gingerbread man came walking out of the gents toilets. He said to me, “Do you think it’s right, what you’re doing?” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “You’re eating all of my friends.” I said, “Well, I fancied one.” Then he plodded off into the factory. It wasn’t easy eating all the rest after that.

gingermenLittle gingerbread chaps, tasty and soft.

Do you want to join the growing list of gigglers? All you have to do is post at the beginning of each month, something that’s made you laugh lately. If nothing has, then you’re not looking hard enough.

Here are the other lovely gigglers, and welcome Jacqueline King to the giggle list.

Lynne Hackles, and on Lynne’s blog you get a giggle from Sue Blackburn.

Teresa Ashby, who always has something to make us giggle.

A lady who joined the gigglers from Teresa’s blog is also a giggler. I need to find her and add her link here.

Jacqueline King. Who gave me the idea for giggle blog, as she said I made her giggle.

Mrs Teapot on the busy teapot blog. Hope the kettle’s on.


Coming soon, Author interview with writing treasure, Lynne Hackles.



25 thoughts on “October giggle blog.

    • So did I Patsy. Only wished I could have seen myself. Luckily I was o.k just shocked a bit. The week before, my colleague had been attacked by a dog. Luckily he didn’t bite her. We said, we need danger money to go out on our rounds:)))

  1. Great giggles again, Sue. Loved the image of you shooting through the door and the Peter Sellers clip. Just glad no one captured me on video at my sister’s wedding. I’d had a few too many brandies, I think, as I was pulling on a door for long enough for people to notice and when I twigged that I should have been pushing, I fell into the room to a loud round of applause. 😉
    Love the gingerbread man dream! 🙂

  2. What a lovely giggle blog – I laughed so much about you flying through the door (sorry!).
    Thanks for the mention – reminds me I must get on with the October giggles.
    And looking forward very much to reading your interview with lovely Lynne 🙂 x

  3. Hi Teresa, glad my giggles made you laugh and I don’t mind a bit as I laughed myself for a while. I remembered the other giggler’s name, it’s Deb, and she came from your blog.Do you remember who I mean, so that I can put a link to her site? Glad you called in, and Lynne’s interview is great. She is lovely, like you. xx

  4. Your imagination runs more riot than mine Lynne. I’d even quite like to write a paranormal story now about the gingerbread hunk, who has no friends. He’s on the rampage…. better stop now. Then again, talking gingerbread men could be the next big thing. Perhaps the spices went to my head:)))

  5. I couldn’t help giggling at the bit about the hose wrapped round your neck (that’s surely breaking all sorts of health & safety rules?!) Glad you didn’t hurt yourself and saw the funny side.

    • Hi, Linda. Yes, could have been a lot worse. It’s an easy way to carry the hoover, with hose wrapped around the neck. I’ve written a story about a cleaner who came to a sticky end that way. I’m about to post it on my website, under fiction. Hope you like it if you read it. Glad you called by.

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  7. Hi, Wendy, I know. I wanted to see it myself as it must have looked quite funny. To be fair to my cleaning mate, she didn’t laugh at all. She looked really worried and concerned. Then when she knew I was alright, she laughed and said, “They must have oiled the door.” Thanks for popping in.

  8. Just catching up, Susan ~ yeah, I know it’s almost November! I’ll try to get with the programme for next month!! How funny you must have looked shooting through that oiled door ~ it reminded me of when my son broke his ankle and was on two crutches. He found a good way to get through shop doors ~ hopping up to them backwards, leaning on them until they opened a little, then swivelling round and hopping forward. One time a customer tried to help by opening the door from the inside! Good job my son was a dancer and could regain his precarious balance without toppling over and breaking the other leg! 🙂

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