Scarecrow Weekend.

It’s been a weekend of scarecrows in our local village. Here’s some pictures of the wide variety there were. Some would make great book covers wouldn’t they? And some were very real, like the lady in blue in the church. I was having a conversation with someone sitting down, and I thought, ‘blimey, this woman’s getting a bit close’ she was a scarecrow of course.

The wedding party in the church won. I only popped in for a cup of tea, and ended up with a lovely cushion, and cakes, and a book on the history of the church.

One day, years ago, me and our son, while out walking dogs, came across a hidden grave-yard. Turns out that two hundred years ago, the church was there, where the old stones were.

Speaking of hidden grave-yards, I’m working on my next Redington tale, which will be a Halloween story. ‘Midnight on Colley Hill, or it might be, Midnight on Colley Heath, as Norfolk is flat…… Haven’t a clue how it’s going to go yet, but I have my quote at the beginning, so that’s a start.

scarecrowscarecrwo scarebinscarfamilybillyscar

Imagine if you were visiting the village on a dark night, could be scary. They were bad enough in the bright light of day. Good fun though.

The wedding party won the prize. humptypilotdad's armydracula


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

11 thoughts on “Scarecrow Weekend.”

  1. That’s a good idea Lynne. My next serial is ‘Midnight on Colley Hill’ and will be a witchcraft one for Halloween: it would be a good idea to have a scarecrow festival at the heart of the story though, and I’ve got the pictures already haven’t I? The two soldiers are great, I agree.

  2. What a creative village! You could set a whole series of stories there about the scarecrows and the different people who made them.
    Just looking at the photos has given me an idea …

    1. Oh, that’s exciting, Linda. Glad you’ve got an idea from the scarecrows. There were more. Like two firemen beside a three wheeler car stuck in a hedge. They all look so real… hope I get to read your story one day….

  3. Wonderful, Susan! A small village near where I live holds a scarecrow contest every year. The entries are attached to the gaslight-like lamp pole down the village’s main street. I went that way yesterday and there was such a wonderful imaginative array of the creatures much like in your photos! Hope you are very well. Happy autumn! XO ❤

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