All aboard the giggle-jerker.

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At the beginning of every month I do a giggle blog. This consists of anything that’s made me giggle lately. If you want to do the same on your blog, leave a comment so that others can pop over and see more giggles.

Here’s the bus that takes you to Agatha Christie’s holiday home. It’s advertised in the brochure as the bus giving a giggle jerk ride and it sure lives up to its reputation. We couldn’t miss that could we? Sitting on the back seat because someone has to; the bus bounced along with gears crashing on every bend. It was hilarious, and well worth a mention.

Second giggle of the month is one I’m not proud of, but I couldn’t be writing a giggle blog and not mention it. We stayed at a cosy cottage, we have stayed there before. One of those places that when you know you like somewhere, you go back. Now when it came time to sign the visitor’s book, looking back, the last two times I’d put ‘lovely views, etc… lots of other people had put more or less similar words. So I sat there thinking how I wanted to put something different. I’m a writer after all…. so I came up with ‘smashing place, it’s our second home.’ If you want the best, visit Pilot’s Rest. That done, one last check upstairs, the car was loaded, only to empty the water out of the flower vase, and oh no, a plate jumped off the draining board and broke into a million bits on the kitchen floor…. I had to ring the owner who is such a nice lady, who after a few seconds delay told me ‘oh never mind, accidents happen.’ It wasn’t until we were bombing up the motorway on our way home I realised, ‘smashing holiday’ – maybe I’d had a premonition there.

One last giggle, or perhaps it’s hysterical laughter? Me and Alan are job hunting, oh and they aren’t easy to find are they? My main giggle is Alan on the computer as he doesn’t use it that much normally. So we’ve joined up to where you have a gateway code, then a password, it’s like trying to get to the Wizard of Oz; no I think it would be easier to get to him. Well, Alan’s is o.k. but because I verified mine then didn’t go straight back in, I’ve been blocked. Then when you tell them, they say, log in and change it. Well if you’re blocked you can’t log in can you? It’s all so funny especially when he was looking at a gardening job, then it went on to say you will be cutting hedges, trees, landscaping, his face tells the story and I can’t stop laughing. If only they had jobs for people who laugh most of the day, I’d be first in the queue. It’s laughter that makes the world go round though, remember Ken Dodd saying how we have to use our chuckle muscles? So make sure you’re exercising your chuckle muscles and all will be well with the world.

I have a letter published in the new issue of Writing magazine. One in response to a lady who had been slated for using cliches. At a time when I was beginning to wonder if it was worth writing another word, seeing my letter in print is fabulous. I’m busy knitting a baby blanket at the moment as our Niece, the one who got married last year has recently had a baby boy. He came early, so I haven’t seen him yet, so a blanket won’t be too big or too small, hopefully just right.

Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

14 thoughts on “All aboard the giggle-jerker.”

  1. Well I certainly used my chuckle muscles reading this 🙂 And that bus is wonderful!

    You certainly need a sense of humour looking for jobs these days.

    Congratulations on being a great auntie 🙂 x

  2. Will look out for your letter Susan as my copy of WM just arrived. Last summer I decided to be different and write a poem in the visitor’s book of the cottage we stayed in. Read it out to hubby and teen son – they looked aghast & didn’t want their names associated with it. Now I groan when I think back and wish I’d put the usual pleasantries…

    1. Oh Tracy, why do we do it. I sat pondering like a proper plonker, then to put smashing….. wish I’d put the same as the previous time. I hope the owner realised I’d written that before the kitchen incident.

  3. Thanks Linda, hope they made you smile. Job hunting is going not bad. Just filled in an application for a job in a doctors surgery!!! The bit where it says ‘why would you be suitable for this job’ I’ve put, I keep calm in all situations…. it’s good fun, will keep you informed.

    1. And I should think a good sense of humour would be useful in a job like that – as long as you don’t have all the patients in fits of giggles 🙂

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