I’m an affiliate.

Have a look at that little box on the side of my details if you’re looking for a relaxing break. I’m now an affiliate, makes sense as I talk about Devon so much. I do love Warwickshire at this time of the year though. The trees are looking stunning. We went a walk on the local golf course the other day; took a picnic and watched the golfers sending balls into the trees and hedges… Then a group of ramblers came along. They usually do don’t they?

I’m reading ”Everything’s Eventual’ by Stephen King. Quite funny and scary at the same time.

The novel writing is going alright but I’m at a strawberry fayre now with my characters. It’s gone a bit ‘noddy in the park,’ I read so much Enid Blyton it had a lasting effect I think. All will be sorted out when my editor reads through though… Is that her packing her bags and whizzing off on the next taxi to Devon I wonder.

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Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

6 thoughts on “I’m an affiliate.”

  1. That’s because it’s absolutely true Patsy. My main character is looking around the big Hall, two old ladies are trying for coconuts while being chatted up by the bad brother and the good brother is stuck with his Mom and Dad… Oh my goodness….

  2. I’m intrigued to know more about this affiliate thing, Susan ~ what does it mean and how did you become one? I worked with Devon and Cornwall Housing Association for many years, living in Plymouth and travelling all over the two counties on a regular basis. It is a lovely area but I prefer The Isle of Wight ~ it feels like my spiritual home and I rarely visit the mainland now. I love your ‘Noddy in the Park’ expression ~ sounds like your novel will be a terrific read! 🙂

    1. Hi Jacqueline, the affiliate banner means that if anyone clicks on there, then books a holiday with Blue Chip, (which are good, I’d recommend them,) that’s why I put them on my blog and website, I get 5% of the holiday’s worth. Really easy. They have holidays homes on the Isle of Wight as well I think. You could have a banner for there….. If you’re not sure about anything you could e.mail them, they’re helpful and friendly. Good luck if you have a go.

  3. Ooh Devon is one of my favourite places! Gone a bit Noddy in the Park – love it!
    I must read Everything’s Eventual again. There are some real gems in there 🙂 x

    1. Hi Teresa, I think Noddy in the park deserves a bit of a write up. I’m going to suggest an article for Writing magazine. What to do when you have a noddy in the park moment during your novel writing:))) I need to bag Noddy and put him in his car and send him home. It’s the story that you said to me ‘be confident’ about; I wasn’t feeling confident when I sent it out. Now I’m seven out of ten confident, and growing, just to get rid of noddy… The book is brilliant Stephen King. The ride the bullet one is great. xx

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