Setting the scene

Following on from a recent holiday, I’m now starting on a story set somewhere warm. Let’s face it, we’re in the middle of a heat-wave so you don’t need to go far really, but I want a lovely blue ocean, and sandy beaches where music plays on into the evening.

Air show 2018Suzy Brixham

There will be plenty of music in the story, like the lovely Caro Emerald song below.

Can you tell this blog post is to get me back on track with the writing? Had such a lovely relaxing day, it was like being on holiday all over again. Have a great week, whatever you may be doing. And don’t forget to look out for this in the shops on Thursday. I might have mentioned it already, but you know how we have to shout about these things.

Pocket novel 4


Catch Up with Patsy

PatsyIt’s a real pleasure to welcome my writing chum to the blog today, and a job to catch Patsy, between travel trips and workshop days, so thanks for popping by for a bit of a gossip. I’ll put the kettle on and get you up to date with what’s been going on in my life lately and you wouldn’t believe it… but that can wait till later, how’s things with you?

coffee-amp-biscuitThe biscuit is just a starter, I knew you were coming so I baked a cake. And would you believe it I was in the middle of a good book – lots of short stories, oh, and one by the well known author, fancy that, it’s one of yours, Patsy. To be found here.

Digital imageDigital image

Now I happen to know you have a new collection of love stories recently published – With love and kissesPatsy's book.jpg I really love the cover and know your hubby Gary sometimes designs your covers – did he do this one? And this is the second love collection, with All that love stuff being the first. The cartoon images remind me of the LOVE IS, characters that were around in the 70’s.

All that love stuffThat’s enough of me doing all the talking, over to you – Patsy… Have you nodded off? Patsy my blog followers are waiting to hear from you. She’ll be okay in a moment, it must have been that huge slice of cake making her sleepy. Patsy will be with you in a moment. Please check back soon:)

Thanks for inviting me over, Suzy.
No, I’ve not nodded off – just saving my strength ready to dive into that yummy looking cake. Looks like we’re going to need a whole pot of tea to get through that!
Mostly I’ve been writing short stories lately, although I have been thinking about the two novels I have on the go. One is a romance involving horses … Hmmm, that doesn’t sound quite right, does it? It’s humans who’re doing the romance stuff. And there are horses.
The other one is a cosy crime story. That’s if it still cosy is cosy when there’s blood. I’m better at writing them than explaining them, honest!
Come on then, slice up that cake…

Oh, what were you saying??? Sorry was I snoring? Aren’t these lazy Sunday afternoons divine? that’s really interesting, but you know how it is when you’ve eaten too much cake. So lovely having you over, Patsy. Let’s do it all again soon. Must get clicking and buying some of your stories, travel safe to your next destination. That crime novel sounds interesting. Toodles for now. xxx


Bargain of the week.

Welcome to my new blog followers, and hello to ones who’ve been following me for ages.  I picked up the bargain of the month last Sunday from the market.  It was the complete works of Shakespeare. William Shakespeare: The Complete Works (Collector's Library Editions in Colour)

A hardback book, with pictures.  I asked how much it was, the man on the stall said,

“You can take it away for fifty pence!”  Can you imagine how quickly that book was under my arm and I’d paid up?  So I’ve begun with Two Gentlemen of Verona, I didn’t realise how funny the story is when you get past the whence and hence and forthwiths.  I love classical books, and it’s a romantic play.  Testing friendships and love.  When someone meets up with anyone, they say,

“How now?”  Makes sense doesn’t it?  Briefer than how we say, “How are you today?”  That can be a bit of a mistake when you have a small shop, twenty minutes later you will still be getting a list of things that are wrong with someone…. It can be easier to stick with “Hello.”

My leaving home story got to the final eleven, but the editor only needed four or five stories, so I missed out on that one.  Never mind, always somewhere else to send it.  Also, I have two more stories coming up soon on Alfie dog website.  Will give you more information on that later.  Have a great weekend, and enjoy the garden if you get chance to get in it.