That’s Life!

My letter is on the back pages of That’s Life! It’s one about when me and our daughter went shopping.

This is one I found in a handbag when I was sorting out my wardrobe. I should have sent it a year ago,

so sent it in this springtime. I was thrilled to have the email saying, ‘we’d like to use your letter in issue 22 of That’s Life.’

Digital imageNext door pussy cat still keeps popping in when he gets the chance. He jumps up on my keyboard, and shoves his nose onto my fingers to stop me typing. His name’s Leo. I’m going to use this photo for the ‘before’ one, when I’m not such a fat person as this.

The great thing is, that you can email your letters or funny stories, or tips, or other regular items, and they pay


Also, hope you’ve had chance to read The Redington Millions, which is the featured serial on Creative Frontiers this week.

It’s the story that has been running from Monday through to Friday, and is set in the village of Redington, in mid-Norfolk.

The plan is to write more stories set in Redington, then when I’ve got enough, they will go into an e-book.

And, I had some income from my amazon stories today. I won’t say how much, but something. So I’m pleased about that.

Still working on the novel, and glad it’s still a working process because I’ve had a change of thought. Also some new ideas.

I’m reading ‘Our man in Havana’ by Grahame Greene. A good story, and plenty of humour.




Temping day.

Just come home from my temping day. So lovely, I have my own small office, where I answer the phone, and sort the post then fill in the attendance register; and a machine down the corridor for water, frothy coffee, soup with croutons – I tried them all of course, to be polite.

Then been over to water a garden, and greenhouse. Now catching up with the writing.


I’ve had a job getting on to my own blog lately. You know when they say, ‘are you who you say you are?’ For goodness

sake, it’s enough trouble joining agencies who want references and work references etc. It’s always tricky for me,

because for the last five years, me and Alan worked together. Then before that I worked for myself as a hypnotherapist.

Wouldn’t it be good if I could say, ‘yes, I think I’m fairly honest and trustworthy.’ Thing is, when they want the work

doing, they’re on the phone fast enough, so it’s all paperwork gone daft really.

Now, do you want to read a great story? Of course you do, I knew you’d say that… Have a look on Creative Frontiers.

From Monday through to Friday, you can read ‘The Redington Millions’ my serial story. The village of Redington

will feature in more stories throughout the year.