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A crafty weekend

Hello, friendly bloggers, hope your weekend is going well. I’m catching up with writing and doing some knitting – making a tea cosy from some scraps of wool. Reason being, I’ve just finished reading this book.

It’s one my sister, lent to our mom, and she lent it to me. We all like knitting, so it’s been passed around like all good books should be.

If you like knitting, then I’m sure you’ll end up picking up some needles and making something. I’ve made up the pattern, but I’m sure it will end up resembling a tea cosy.

knitting bookTea cosy

It’s got pale pink in there as well. When it’s finished I’ll add three colours of pom poms on top. It’ll be rather jolly to pop on the tea-pot don’t you think? I’m on chapter 9 of the rewrite, which I will have more news on later.

Today, Alan creosoted our front gate and two posts either side of it that had gone wobbly. Now they’re brand spanking new. I cleaned the windows in the greenhouse and sterilised it ready for putting plants and salad vegetables in. So far there are three scented geraniums, an orchid that may or may not pick up and a pink geranium that’s survived the winter and bushing out once more.

I have a story published on Kishboo magazine site. Snowdrops

If you read and like my story could you vote for it please? Good luck to my writing pals who also have stories and poems on there. A real coincidence is that I wrote the Snowdrops story a few years ago, and there’s a Hetty in it. One of the main characters in the knit off book is Hettie as well. It’s not even a name you hear much is it?


Have a great week. What crafts are you doing?


Temping day.

Just come home from my temping day. So lovely, I have my own small office, where I answer the phone, and sort the post then fill in the attendance register; and a machine down the corridor for water, frothy coffee, soup with croutons – I tried them all of course, to be polite.

Then been over to water a garden, and greenhouse. Now catching up with the writing.


I’ve had a job getting on to my own blog lately. You know when they say, ‘are you who you say you are?’ For goodness

sake, it’s enough trouble joining agencies who want references and work references etc. It’s always tricky for me,

because for the last five years, me and Alan worked together. Then before that I worked for myself as a hypnotherapist.

Wouldn’t it be good if I could say, ‘yes, I think I’m fairly honest and trustworthy.’ Thing is, when they want the work

doing, they’re on the phone fast enough, so it’s all paperwork gone daft really.

Now, do you want to read a great story? Of course you do, I knew you’d say that… Have a look on Creative Frontiers.

From Monday through to Friday, you can read ‘The Redington Millions’ my serial story. The village of Redington

will feature in more stories throughout the year.