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Bucking the Trend

Being different to the rest, like this news here.

I’ve got a new job, so I’m bucking the trend as well, in my nifty new jacket. I managed to wangle one, as someone was lending me his so that I didn’t get soaked in the rain. But he needed his back, and told me to keep it safe, as they’re like gold dust. Quite a responsibiity to keep on watching a bright orange padded jacket, then going, ‘Phew’ when it’s still where you left it. So now I have my own one.

Mine’s yellow, and I work for the Buckingham Group, so will probably be walking the Corgi’s tomorrow, or getting handy with a mop and bucket, or if Madge wants a bit of dusting done, that’s where I come in.

Sue, BuckinghamYou’ll see me coming in the dark, and it’s warm and waterproof as well. I’m the site cleaner, and I’m the one with the lipstick and mascara. I can come and go when I like, and the chaps are friendly so all I need now is the hard hat. I’ve got the muddy boots, so I’m in vogue. You have to be don’t you?

Me and Alan went a smashing walk through the woods today. The colours of the leaves are amazing, and dropping fast now. Great to see them before they all dissapear, something new to see everyday in the countryside.

More news….

I’ve been cooking, corned beef piessaladwell, fair enough, salad isn’t cooking, but those pies are corned beef, mash and suede, carrots, peas, onions, spring onions. In puff pastry. Breaded garlic mushrooms and extra veg with salad. Easy peasy Sunday dinner, and tasty as well. Following on from my last post, I’m practising ready for when Hamish and Alice turn up next week. Remember, the characters from Patsy’s new book, Firestarter. I want to make sure there’s nice things to eat, so mm, yes they are lovely. Might even go and try another one to make sure. Can’t leave things to chance.

Call back soon to see how Hamish and Alice get on, can’t wait for that myself. Have a great week:))

New job, and temp job.

I’ve been to the gym today, gym picture

and spent some lovely time in the garden as well.

garden in June

Now I’ve got a part-time job, yippee… that’s good news.

Things come together don’t they. First you have no job, then the temp agency say, ‘can you go and be a receptionist for a day at

the place you went last time. They asked for me again, so that was special. I said yes. That will be next Tuesday for the day.

Then I had an interview yesterday, and the lady rang me today to say, ‘we want to offer you the job.’ So I’m thrilled.

My new job is cleaning offices in a local town. blue van

I go to the bosses house by seven o’clock in the morning, then we go out in a

van and clean all kinds of offices, like doctors’, call centre places, and others. I remember when I worked in the call centre, a group

of cleaners would be there early in the morning. skunk

I sometimes used to think, wish I had that job, would be better than trying to fix

someone’s computer problem on the phone.’ So now I will be one of those… Normally at that time in a morning, I’m on the treadmill at

the gym, but will be exercising so can’t be bad.

Busy writing an article now for the Writing Magazine. I’ve also discovered a new writer. She writes the kind of stories I like, gossipy village stories. I’m reading Country Wives, and she is Rebecca Shaw

It’s one of the Barleybridge vets practice ones. The characters are good, and the story is lovely.

Have a good rest of the week, whatever you may be doing.


July giggles

So, we’re into July, time for the giggle blog. I can giggle now, but when our job advisor told us we needed to look for 30 jobs a week, something didn’t seem right. I ended up sending for the same job twice in some instances. It was during a tea break at my computer class that several people said. ‘That can’t be right; it must be 15 jobs each.’ Off I went to see our advisor; when I asked him, he laughed and said, ‘no, it will be 30 jobs a week in the future.’ I’m hoping to start work in a fortnight as a –

<Front line, technical support, customer service, representative>

I’ll be answering the phone, helping people with problems on their computer like pay pal and amazon etc. When people try to ring them, they can never get hold of anyone, so now it’s me who’ll be on the phone. We don’t do any ringing out, only answer calls in. Then when our phone isn’t ringing, we get to write articles on other things technology wise, so sounds good. It helped that I did a computer course, and got 95%, think I mentioned that in my last post, but it’s my catchphrase for life now, so the ECDL Extra shows that I know my way around the computer. During the course, we had to put on headphones, and listen to a man’s voice saying. ‘Well done’ and ‘good work’ my tutor said, ‘you’ll get fed up of that voice in a day or two.’ I didn’t think I would, but it did get a bit patronising after a while. Then in part 4 of the course, it was a lady’s voice. Bright and breezy, so that was good. Then I came to the question and answer part. She said, in a posh voice. Now you try to answer these questions. I did, she said back to me.

‘No, not really, that’s not what we were thinking. You’d better go and try that again.’ I felt like unplugging her, but it was quite funny. Another day, the tutor had to go out for dinner, he was on his own. He told us he’d be locking the door, and off we went for our dinner. Later on, we were back at our computers, then footsteps came down the stairs, and someone tried the door. Then she shouted, let me in, I’m stuck in here. He’d locked the door to the upstairs kitchen, not realising someone had gone up there for lunch. The computer shop was great; situated on the high street, like a college, in a shop. Upstairs there was a teacher who was there to help people who didn’t know about the internet, my tutor was downstairs, and a receptionist who was booking people in.  While I was there, I saw some of my customers who used to come in the shop, and they were saying how much they miss our shop on the estate, so that was nice. Even though I’ve got a job lined up, we still have to send for jobs, because until I actually start work, I’m still (technically)looking for work

Last week, the day I passed my exams, when I rang Alan to tell him the good news, he was just stepping out of the car, off to work. Glad that I’d caught him, he said, ‘oh, great news, I’ll have to go, I’ve only got a minute before signing in time.’ So I rang off. Later that evening, I was in the middle of cooking pasties, I noticed a missed call off him. When I rang him back, he told me he’d tried to ring me, but at that same moment, he’d been called out on a spillage mission on aisle 5, so had to put the phone down. What had happened, was, when he’d hurriedly spoken on the phone, he’d locked the car keys in the car by mistake. I had a spare, but needed to get to where he was. Our Son was staying, from Torquay, but that day, he and his brother had gone to meet their Sister in Leicester. They’d gone on the train, so his car was outside. When I rang to see if he’d left the key in the house, he hadn’t, it was on him. They weren’t due to come back home on the train until later. As I was looking up the times of buses, our youngest Son rang. ‘Mum, don’t you get walking up the motorway, give Grandad a ring, he’s only round the corner.’ That was a good idea, I didn’t think of ringing Dad, but he was there in a flash, waiting outside when I needed a lift. So, there was I in the back of Dad’s car, plate of pasties, one each for Mum and Dad covered in a cloth on the floor. Mum asked me if I’d told Alan we were on our way. ‘Not really, he’s not supposed to take calls at work’ I said. ‘Tell him, never fear, help is at hand, we’re on our way!’ She is dramatic, but funny. So, everything turned out alright in the end.

IMG-20130702-WA000 (2)

I’ve been told that me and their Dad reverse into our drive like Austin Powers.

Gardener’s World.

Digital image
Sweet peas are now coming into flower. They need picking every day to make sure more flowers are produced.

We’re into July, and a heat wave is upon us. It’s time for my giggle blog, but that can wait until next week. My latest news is that I have a new job. More on that later in the month. I start mid July, and it’s a fab job. The men’s tennis semi-final is a great match, not sure when it’s ever going to end, but if like me, you miss Carol Klein and Monty Don in the Friday night Garden programme, never fear, Suzy gardener is here.

I always find thyme for blogging.
Lucky four leaf clover, or shamrock to be precise.
Lucky four leaf clover, or shamrock to be precise. It has a habit of rambling along the front border. Gives a smashing back drop to the taller flowers.

I popped a leaf and a flower into my pocket before I went off to my interview on Thursday morning. Glad I did. Think I’ll keep it there.

Hanging basket
Hanging basket

Now here is where the nursery part of the garden is. Where all the seeds are started off, and where we plan and relax.

Come with me, through the garden gate and have a look.

Digital image

Digital image
Seedlings of chard, carrots, swedes, beetroot and marigolds

Sometimes, I think the birds fancy this as their supermarket.  Alan caught a couple of sparrows tucking into the greens. Glad to see they’re sticking to a healthy diet.

Digital image
In the urn are miniature sunflowers. They should look a picture in a few weeks.

Digital image

Lush lettuce. That'll do for tea tomorrow, with new potatoes and some sardines.
Lush lettuce. That’ll do for tea tomorrow, with new potatoes and some sardines.

Before my interview, I went into the greenhouse to practice on the lettuce and tomatoes. I said, hello, I’m Susan Jones, pleased to meet you. They just quivered a bit and nodded.

Digital image
This old shed was going to be knocked down about five years ago. Then a robin built a nest in there. Now we call it head office. There’s a table, chair, mirror. Good place to write, during the summer.

photo (3)photo (2)You never know who you’re going

to meet in the garden. Time for a chat.

Digital imageDigital imageThese are in the pub garden,

 and I do know you should have the sun the other

way round, just that we were sitting that way.

IMG-20130702-WA000 (2)

My special people

Oh and I forgot to mention, I passed my computer exam

ECDL Extra. The equivalent to ITQ Stage 2 (with knobs on) and …. I got 95% … I told my

tutor, that’s going to be my catchphrase for life now. Just like Mma Makutsi in the number 1 ladies detective

agency. The one who the gay hairdresser next door calls 97%, because that’s what she got from

secretarial college. Well, I’m 95% from now on………

Now it’s time to relax, the garden’s watered, tennis is still on, good luck to Murray, and I’m off to

read my latest book. See, you didn’t miss Carol and Monty at all did you. They’d

better look out I’d say.

Digital imageMake sure you tune in to the giggle blog next week. Also, beach reads book, ‘came as me

left as we’ is published by Alfie dog, with my story ‘Pier into the Future’ in there, along

with lots of other great stories. Make sure you order your copy.