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August Giggle Blog.


My friend Annabella has been dog and house sitting, with strict instructions to make sure the dog, Monty doesn’t go on the grass. As you see from the picture, she followed the rules to the letter. Also, he was to have no chocolate cake… That’s a plastic one, so it’s alright. She had a bit of a panic when she was putting the bins out and Monty followed her to the front garden. Luckily he didn’t want to run away, seemed he’s happy where he is.

Annabella had another bit of a panic when she was back at work, and colleagues asked to see her holiday snaps. She was about to pass her phone over with pics. on it when she realised, Monty’s owner was one of the eager people waiting to see the pictures, and Monty was top of the list with his choccie cake on the grass. So a bit of quick deleting was in order. Good job she’d already emailed him to me….


Digital imageNow here’s me, relaxing in the garden doing my thing. I was reading my new kindle at the time, when a voice from above shouts, “Can you chuck us a fork up please?” He leans out to show me that he remembered the sharp knife for cutting up his sausage and bacon, but forgot the fork.

“Of course,” I reply. Off to the kitchen cupboard I go, get the fork, and aim for the window.

“Nice and gently, underarm.”

I hurl it up, then… clang, it drops. Trying again, I aim, like, one, two, three.

“Nice and gently, underarm,” he repeats.

So hurling the fork, aiming for his hand, it twists and twirls, then sails jauntily over the six foot hedge and onto next door’s (my old maths teacher) back yard. Good job they were inside. I blame the postman. Fancy eating pot noodle on the job, then dropping the fork outside someone’s back door; things aren’t what they used to be are they?

Here’s a chap that will make you smile; if he doesn’t then Simon Cowell’s face will.

One extra adult giggle.

Out on my cleaning job, the hoover was halfway up some stairs and cables everywhere. As a chap went bleary eyed into the canteen, I shouted. “Watch you don’t trip.”

“I could do with a trip.” Was his reply. I don’t think he had Blackpool or Skeggie in mind.


In case you missed it, you can catch up with my latest Redington Serial here.



People’s Friend interview with Samantha Tonge coming soon.




Redington 111 – Murder at Brook House Farm.

I’m proud to announce that my murder mystery is published today, and for the next seven days on Creative Frontiers.

If you like a cosy crime without too much blood and guts, then this is for you.




Redington is in rural Norfolk, and I’m already working on the next story – Murder on the Market Square.

This murder writing is catching. I have a short story as well. That’s called Henry’s Revenge…. not sure where I’m going to send that one

yet as it’s a bit alternative.

Please leave a comment on Creative Frontiers if you read and like the story.

Giggle blog will be in a week, as I want to promote this murder story for this week.

Thanks if you have time to read it. I love my kindle now. I’ve already finished two stories from Rosemary, which are great.

Mischief at the Manor,

and Aphrodite’s Touch. Fabulous reads, and I’ll be posting more on those soon.

A Writing Retreat/ I’m versatile.

Here’s my latest writing retreat.

That’s because I’m a versatile blogger, it’s official, Jan Banham says so. Now I have to tell you seven things about me.- That’s my writing bench, so there’s one…


And this is the view from there, which I love, that’s number two.

Digital imageAnd the castle gardens are looking great at this time of the year as well.

Digital image

I finished my early morning job, and the sun was shining, so I had a few hours, before Alan finished his cover work for someone who was off.

Now where better could there be to find a bench, after having a cup of coffee and a cake, to write. This wonderful spot is between my work and his. Aren’t we lucky? The castle and the bandstand are to the left of the gardens.

I’m working on Redington 111 for Creative Frontiers. It’s coming on quite well, and I got lots done, with the sound of children’s laughter coming from the play park, and the peaceful ducks and swans gliding past were great to see as well. Not surprisingly, my characters are at at pub, with a wide river at the bottom of the garden, with swans gracefully gliding past.

Tamworth is in the line up for Britain in Bloom, and I’m sure they might win. Will keep you informed on that. Funny how you can be busy working, driving around, and not take time to find that bench, and have a few hours to relax.

Hope the new story goes down well with C.F. Editor. It’s called ‘Murder at Brook House Farm.’

With lots of help from my writing buddies, writecritical, it might be in shape on time for the deadline.

Here’s one more photo….

Digital imageOh, and one more.Digital imageWhere’s your outdoor writing retreat?

The fourth thing about me, is that I love going to the gym. That’s where you’ll find me on a Saturday morning, or the library.

Fifth item is that one of my favorite foods are peaches. Which reminds me, must look for some.

Number six, is that I love anything funny. I recently went to see someone regarding an article for a local magazine. I noticed that it was a barn type building, in a rural setting, lovely. All the doors were open, and as I tried with a bit of difficulty to get in the one that was open, I realised I’d gone through the window not the door. Made me feel like a female version of Johnny English. (Rowan Atkinson) To make it worse, I made a big fuss saying, ‘oh, did I come through the window, not the door?’

Number seven is that I like music, and sing as often as I can. Here’s one I love, and especially the reggae version.



If any of my lovely followers, and welcome to the new ones, want the versatile award, please take it. I don’t like passing them on. It’s summer time. Too much to do, like listen to the above:))