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Gardener’s World.

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Sweet peas are now coming into flower. They need picking every day to make sure more flowers are produced.

We’re into July, and a heat wave is upon us. It’s time for my giggle blog, but that can wait until next week. My latest news is that I have a new job. More on that later in the month. I start mid July, and it’s a fab job. The men’s tennis semi-final is a great match, not sure when it’s ever going to end, but if like me, you miss Carol Klein and Monty Don in the Friday night Garden programme, never fear, Suzy gardener is here.

I always find thyme for blogging.
Lucky four leaf clover, or shamrock to be precise.
Lucky four leaf clover, or shamrock to be precise. It has a habit of rambling along the front border. Gives a smashing back drop to the taller flowers.

I popped a leaf and a flower into my pocket before I went off to my interview on Thursday morning. Glad I did. Think I’ll keep it there.

Hanging basket
Hanging basket

Now here is where the nursery part of the garden is. Where all the seeds are started off, and where we plan and relax.

Come with me, through the garden gate and have a look.

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Seedlings of chard, carrots, swedes, beetroot and marigolds

Sometimes, I think the birds fancy this as their supermarket.  Alan caught a couple of sparrows tucking into the greens. Glad to see they’re sticking to a healthy diet.

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In the urn are miniature sunflowers. They should look a picture in a few weeks.

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Lush lettuce. That'll do for tea tomorrow, with new potatoes and some sardines.
Lush lettuce. That’ll do for tea tomorrow, with new potatoes and some sardines.

Before my interview, I went into the greenhouse to practice on the lettuce and tomatoes. I said, hello, I’m Susan Jones, pleased to meet you. They just quivered a bit and nodded.

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This old shed was going to be knocked down about five years ago. Then a robin built a nest in there. Now we call it head office. There’s a table, chair, mirror. Good place to write, during the summer.

photo (3)photo (2)You never know who you’re going

to meet in the garden. Time for a chat.

Digital imageDigital imageThese are in the pub garden,

 and I do know you should have the sun the other

way round, just that we were sitting that way.

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My special people

Oh and I forgot to mention, I passed my computer exam

ECDL Extra. The equivalent to ITQ Stage 2 (with knobs on) and …. I got 95% … I told my

tutor, that’s going to be my catchphrase for life now. Just like Mma Makutsi in the number 1 ladies detective

agency. The one who the gay hairdresser next door calls 97%, because that’s what she got from

secretarial college. Well, I’m 95% from now on………

Now it’s time to relax, the garden’s watered, tennis is still on, good luck to Murray, and I’m off to

read my latest book. See, you didn’t miss Carol and Monty at all did you. They’d

better look out I’d say.

Digital imageMake sure you tune in to the giggle blog next week. Also, beach reads book, ‘came as me

left as we’ is published by Alfie dog, with my story ‘Pier into the Future’ in there, along

with lots of other great stories. Make sure you order your copy.