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Something to make you smile

Hello to all my lovely blog followers. I’ve been a bit skinny on here lately. Not skinny as in super slim. I’ve been to the gym most days though, and me and my gym buddy get each other to do more working out than we would if we went on our own. We do sit ups on one of those bouncy balls.gym-ballLeaning back to look at the wall, then sitting up.

Lift ups on the monkey bars, then I go on this thing like an upside down spaceship. One of these… only turned upside down, then I balance on it. Most of the time.

balance ballHello to all my new followers in America. Hope you’re enjoying the blog. I’m busy re-writing something special for someone special. Can’t say more than that at the moment incase I jinx it. I usually talk about writing more than getting on with the writing, so I’ll let you know soon.

Here’s something funny that happened yesterday. Being of a certain age, me and hubby take a vitamin tablet. You’ve heard of wellwoman and wellman. Those. I had two boxes in my hand, and for some reason, my eyes, saw him with the woman box and me with the man one. He had a tablet on his lips about to swallow it – I had as well. With the awful thought of him swallowing a woman one and me the man one, I did what came to mind and yelled out, ‘Stop!’ Turns out he was taking the right one, and I was as well. Good job he did stop to check, so if they had been the wrong ones, we’d have been alright.

Happy Easter to everyone, and thinking of our friends in Brussels.



March giggle blog.

I’ve taken up swimming again. Our Son goes to the gym in the same leisure centre. I nabbed a lift with him the other day. After, when we came out, he needed a present for someone, from the Co-op. As we were leaving, my Sister pulled up, so we had ten minutes for a chat. We said we’d been gyming and swimming. She told us that her daughter had started going to Pilates, and soon it would be changing to yoga. She reminded me, (and I knew what she was going to say) of a time when her daughter came with me, to a yoga class. We had to take a blanket and pillow, which seemed strange. At the end of the yoga session, the instructor told us to get our pillows, wrap up in the blanket, then she put the lights out! The last ten minutes was the chill down time, to warm up as it was cold outside. I vaguely heard a whisper…’Auntie…. Auntie…’ I was so relaxed, perhaps I was dreaming. In no time at all, the lights came on. My niece was holding back her giggles….’Auntie, I tried telling you, but you were too far away to nudge… you were snoring really loud.’

‘Was I?’ So we made a quick exit. Now she can’t do yoga or Pilates without thinking about that event, and giggling. She also reminded me of the time I went with them to see Harry Potter. Can you believe, I fell asleep, and was snoring, loudly again, through the game of quidditch… All that clanging, and it sent me to sleep….

We’ve been on an undercover mission lately. A special birthday surprise involved drilling, putting things up on walls. Drill bits were involved, sockets and spanners. There should have been a sign up, Danger, men at work. Or maybe it should have read, Danger men, at work. How is it that you can have lots of drill bits, but never the right one. That scene in Del boy with the chandeliers came to mind. I was like grandad, passing hammers, holding ladders. First one popped off for a different drill bit. Then another popped off for larger rawl plugs. It’s not ideal to get the giggles while holding a ladder, nor while trying to drill when you’re up a ladder. We all had a ‘queer’ moment when we asked.

‘Does the person who lives here know we’re doing this?’

‘No,’ added to it that the place actually belongs to someone else! All ended well, as the person who it was for was pleased:)))

Find something to giggle about every day. If you don’t, that means you’re not looking hard enough.

This giggle post is in memory of the highly talented John Sullivan, for all the laughs.

Chandelier clip….. skip over that annoying advert.

More gigglers wanted. All you have to do, is post once a month, anything that’s made you giggle lately…… So far we have four gigglers.

Me, Lynne, Teresa, and Busy Teapot. Who’ll be next?