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Fancy a good story?

I started back at the gym this week. On Wednesday morning and again this morning, I went on the rowing machine, treadmill, bike and then the cross-trainer. After that mat excercises and stretches to cool down. I’m lucky to have a personal trainer, who says, no do those planks for a bit longer, and no, not like that, like this. Next week I might swim to mix it up a bit.

gym pictureThat’s not the story. I came home to find out that I’d won Morgen Bailey’s challenge to give the words for a story prompt. What she did with the words is lovely. Exactly the kind of story I had in mind. Details are here.

You can read all three stories here… How lovely to have a prize of 5,000 words edited.

Now I’m working on chapter 3 of Another Year in Redington. Being in Norfolk, they’re talking about the whales and how tragic it is that they’ve been washed up on the coast.

Have a great weekend, and if you want to read the opening of Redington, you can find it here on Amazon.

Thanks to all who have already downloaded or bought it.



How about this for a cake?

It's got lemon curd and butter cream in the middle, icing on top.
It’s got lemon curd and butter cream in the middle, icing on top.

You know sometimes you fancy a lovely cake and only a home-made one will do? Here’s mine. It’s got lemon juice in the mixture and some grated lemon rind. It’s a bit like stories. When you want the exact one, you have to write it yourself. I recently found a website for flash fiction.


I’ve just signed up for the ezine and submitted a story. Then if it’s accepted, they’re put into a draw. Hopefully a draw to win something as opposed to a cabinet draw.

That’s Life magazine are always looking for letters where you tell them about something funny that happened. I have lots of those moments, so sent one in. If you go to the tab where it says ‘get in touch’ then there’s a drop down menu and you can email a short letter to them. Good luck if you have a go.