Life’s a Gas

It’s not every day I’d have a chance to post two of my favourite singers together, but we has a bit of a gas moment ourselves recently. The smell of gas was strong enough to call out an engineer. Turns out there was a slow leak next door, but the neighbours were away.

Thanks to a few helpful people, all was fixed, and we’re no longer getting high on gas fumes. There’s me going round thinking it was the weather. Then when they arrived home, we had an unexpected gift of wine and flowers.

Enjoy the clip of Cilla and Marc.


A touch of Cilla

I know we’re well into the new year, but didn’t you just love that bit when Cilla’s voice rang out into the London sky? We did, so incase you missed it, there it is.

So, I’ve started on chapter one of my next Redington book, and most of our left over chocs and nibbles have gone, so looking forward to getting back to normal after the weekend.

Red and pink cyclamen plants are flowering in the garden, so incase of a frost, they’re now in pots and indoors.

flowers 2ndflowres 2nd 2

Would be a shame if a frost killed them off, and the pink one is full of buds underneath those lovely leaves.


What’s it all about Alfie?

No, not Cilla Black songs, though I do love, ‘Anyone who ever loved, could look at me, and know that I lo..oove you.’ and my favourite. ‘You’re my world, you are my night and day.’ You either love them or hate them, Cilla’s songs are a bit like Marmite.  I love both, but what’s it all about?  Alfie dog is open for stories.  I’ve had one accepted and I’m thrilled about that, but don’t think it’s on there yet, will tell you when it is.  There looks like a great selection of all kinds of interesting subjects to keep us busy reading.  So I’m off to write another one, maybe Cilla will pop in.  Who knows?

I won a book that came today.  The Dangerous Lord Darrington, by Sarah Mallory.  Looking forward to reading that.

Have you sent your story in here yet?  The latest one they want is ‘Leaving home for the first time.’  I’m working on one.

Alexandra is on the one show with Alfie dog as well.  How cute.