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Hello followers, new ones and favourite ones. Hope all is well in your worlds. I’d lost four and a half pounds last week with the mediterranean diet. And today, I’ve made some lentil burgers, with onions and garlic, mustard and extra bits and bobs.

olive oil

I’ve got this little machine from the doctors, to check my blood pressure. I’m sure they do that so that when you see the reading, it shocks you into sticking to the new way of eating. Today though, it was almost normal, so that’s good.

Every morning, now, I take a canister of green tea with jasmine to work, or there’s one with pineapple and grapefruit. It’s a taste you need to get used to, but when you do, you’ll love it. The good thing is that it tastes alright cold as well.

green tea
Lowers blood pressure and regulates metabolism

Another superfood I’ve been told about, by a man who knows, is Spirulina. It’s a type of plant algae, and it goes into a smoothie... you mix other things with it to disguise the taste apparently, so I’ve ordered some of that.

think of the health benefits, and don’t mind the taste.

I’ll be mixing it with soya milk, banana, and maybe a kiwi fruit, and some soya yoghurt. It’s a 200g bag, and you only use a teaspoonful at a time so it should last a while.

Flax seeds are a great way to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure as well. When you read up on them, it makes you wonder why they aren’t on the checkouts at all supermarkets…

This is a good book —- skeleton in the closet by M.C. Beaton. The usual mix of great characters, good fun and lots of adventure. Also still reading other books on my kindle, which is great for in the garden.

ATT00042This is going to be my hideous before picture. By the way, it’s not me, it’s my older uglier fatter dafter sister, who sells tat on markets. I try to avoid her if I can. Haven’t seen her for quite a while, so maybe she’s emigrated with a bit of luck. Meanwhile, I’m off to make a cup of green tea.


June Giggle Blog.

ATT00042We’ve been out enjoying the sunshine on the car-boot today, getting rid of a few surplus things. And here’s a few great giggles for you to enjoy, they made me smile.

I was sitting reading, and Alan was watching the busy traffic going past our house, and his face suddenly changed. His mouth opened, and eyes, and he looked completely shocked. Then he stood up, and went to the window. He said, a motorbike went past, then another, then another, and then one with no rider. From his seat, the bike was going along on it’s own. When he stood up, he saw it was being towed by a small car, and was up on a trailer. His face was the best part of it though.

Next giggle was when I stood in to water Mom and Dad’s garden, and pop in to the house while they had a much needed week away. I’d go and open the windows, have a cup of tea, water the greenhouse. And half the week was hot, so that meant getting the hose out and doing the back and front. The other half it rained, so it was only the tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse that wanted water. As I left, walking down their long drive, I looked back on day one, and it felt really odd, not to wave to Mom who always waves either from the window or the drive. So on day two, when I looked back again, it occurred to me that you never know who’s watching, so I waved to the window, feeling a bit daft, but I had to pretend she was there…. and then when I go just out of sight, I had to wave again. Have you ever waved to an empty house? Feels silly, but it had to be done for safety’s sake…. so the rest of the week I’d walk down the drive, and half way, I’d turn and go, byeeee, waving, having a bit of a giggle to myself.

I’m enjoying the new job, where I go out early and clean offices and factory canteens with my boss and her family. They do a domestic clean, and they were saying how it’s more detailed with things like ornaments and glass objects to clean around. So we were out at someone’s home, and I was in the kitchen, as she’d had a message left that she wanted the cupboard fronts wiping over. Next thing I knew, I’d heard a clang, and a china ornament was hurtling down wooden stairs, somersaulting as it went. You know when time stands still, and your brain says, ‘I need to catch it, but I won’t have time. Then SMASH!!! A headless cat was on the hallway floor. Oops. Luckily the lady was alright about it, and thank goodness I didn’t send china puss to his beheading. I was quite wary of dusting round the other items though.

ATT00070Glad to be home out of the heat, and hope you enjoyed the giggles for this month.


On 12th June, I have another People’s Friend author interview lined up.

You’ll love it, and I’m keeping it a surprise, so tune in then for a real treat.

Speaking of a real treat, there’s Alan relaxing. I nabbed him having a break in-between



Phew, I didn’t win the new talent competition with RNA, but getting to the shortlist was a great boost for me, and now I’m looking forward to the critique on chapter 1, and busy writing up more of the story.  Appologies to bloggie friends, you know who you are, J and R, as if you would have needed to collect my award!!!! Who do I think I am? What happened was, the organizer asked me for my mobile number and would ring if I’d won.  I sat looking at the object all night like a twit.  I even left our daughter in charge of it while I popped to the toilet!!

We went out on the car boot today with lots of lovely things, and had a good day, except that I’m coughing like an old man on 40 woodbines a day.  Glad to get home in the warm.  There was an infestation of rats in our shop during the week.  The kind that empty a charity box, and take things that people have worked hard to buy and display for the lovely people in the world.  They thought my phone charger would be useful too.  Can you imagine, one old lady said I could borrow hers to charge my phone, another lady came and popped one on the counter and said. ‘You can have that, as long as you take it home.’  Also children were popping more of their pennies in the pot for poorly people they call it.  How sweet, and isn’t it nice that far more decent people walk the earth.

We have new neighbours.  A lovely young couple who are busy sorting out the garden and talking about chopping down a tree that is bigger than the houses, and has roots that pop up in too many borders.  Isn’t it funny how trees are the fist thing people deal with.  Must say we’ll be more than glad to see the back of it.

Next year, the shops in our row are going to be demolished.  Three of the others that have been there for donkey’s years are having one, but we aren’t offered one.  So hopefully I’ll be doing more writing, and maybe have a part time job to keep us in jam sandwiches.  Happy writing.