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Glam Gran’s giggle blog

Glam gran I’m not smiling, and that’s not because I’m feeling grumpy, it’s because I’m showing off the make up range Younique, that daughter Ann sells. The lipstick is ladylike, and you don’t have to be ladylike to wear it. The brows are the palest colour and it’s a pencil and then fibres that stay on all day.

She’s really brave and posts up videos and demo’s every day. It’s lovely make up but not cheap, so I get something every couple of months and now I’m waiting for a bronzer.

That picture was one of about twenty that went from bad to worse. Then a family member appeared and I asked him to take a pic. We had one with the light off, one with it on. In the window, in the garden. Then I thought maybe I’d be better sitting on a bag of chippings. He said no, because I’m up here and if you’re down there I’ve got to get down there. Then because of the sun my eyes go all squinty and make me look as if I can’t open them. So to have a photo that looks anywhere human is good. The end product was too much laughter and not anything I can put on here.

The back of the jumper is finished and now I’ve started on the front.

And at last I’ve finished editing the last chapter of the re-write. I’m sending it off tomorrow so please cross fingers toes and everything else that my lovely editor likes it. Now I can get on with another story for the same editor.

My ghost story is on Alfie dog. It’s a Christmas one, to get you in the mood. Well, if you’re writing a Christmas story, you’d need to be thinking about it now, so think of it as a prompt.

Fisherman’s rest story.

Hope to have more news on the rewriting soon. And in the meantime, I’m still going to get the original story published. It’s set in the 1970’s, and completely different to the re-written one, but there’s so much work gone into it, I’ll keep trying to find a publisher. Obviously they’ll have different titles.

Have a great week.

Writing week

I’m having a good writing week with a new Alfie dog story out, Martha knows best, and a letter in Writing magazine, and a piece on the lovely Lynne Hackles page, Random inspiration people. Thanks, Lynne for buying my book as well. Also Redington is now available in a book shop in Walsall, if you live anywhere near there.

WP_20150826_002This picture is to remind us that summer isn’t far away, time to make plans for what colours and flowers you’re having this year. I’m definitely going to get some purple petunias for tubs and baskets. Sweet peas are another favourite of mine and a flower every garden should have as they can easily be grown in tubs. They’re worth having for that delicate smell that’s better than any air freshner.

Digital image

The job on the building site has come to an end now and the sparkly new site is complete. I’m having a bit of a break, and then something lovely will turn up. As one door closes another one opens, and I know that’s a cliche, but what I believe.

Now time to get a cup of tea on and go to watch the voice. Whatever you’re creating this week, have fun.

Here it is…

coverThe new cover of my latest e-publication. Don’t you just love it? I know I do, and it’s exactly how I wanted it to be.

A collection of 9 stories set in my favourite made up village in mid-Norfolk.

So far, it’s available on Amazon.com and soon will be on the .uk one as well. Here…

Nine stories in all, ending with The Wedding… It’s taken a while, so at last I can get on with something else now. Like the serial for People’s Friend magazine, and a story for the Alfie dog competiton.

Coming next week, interview with Glynis Scrivens and all about her latest book, which I need to get. Edit is a four letter word.

Stories for summer

My latest story to be published on Alfie dog short story website is called ‘Sowing Seeds.’ Its about Walter, and how he tries to avoid the woman next door. She means well, but won’t leave him in peace to get on with his gardening. The story has been published before, but now it’s added to my growing collection on there.

A couple of photo’s to go with the story…

Digital imagephoto_9864_20091114[1]

If you’ve got children at home who’re a bit bored by now, tell them to settle down and listen to the story of Alex. He has a metal detector, and a dog. Together they get up to lots of fun during their stay in a cottage near Exmoor.

Summer Holidays

book cover summer holidays

The summer holiday story is suitable for 7 – 8 year olds, hope you and they enjoy reading it – it’s fiction, and part comedy part fairy tale, told in the voice of Alex. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself off to Exmoor and join in the fun.

Tales from Paradise PatchHere’s one for younger children. A collection of stories set in Grandma’s back garden. There are five stories in all, and they’re suitable for 4 – 7 year olds. It’s not as quiet as you might think on Grandma’s back yard.

Growing up in the 70’s is a collection of 4 stories, and mine’s one of them that won a competition to be published with black coffey. They wanted funny stories set in the 70’s. The reviews aren’t brilliant on there, but I think the reviewers were a bit harsh. And isn’t that cover funky?

cover art

Now I’ve got a brand spanking new cover for my Redington collection, which will be published soon. I’ll wait until the whole thing is finished before revealing the smashing art work.

Alfie dog competition

Are you all having a go at the Alfie dog writing competition? Read all about it here. I’m planning my entry and the prizes are amazing so if you’re a writer of short stories, you’d have to be mad not to try it. And, the entry fee is downloading 5 different author stories.

If you wanted to download any of mine that are on there, here’s the link showing you where to find them. Great news is that another story of mine, Seeds of Friendship, will be published on Wednesday 5th August.

Today, we’ve been in the garden, cutting the hedge, so it looks all neat and lovely for a while. Sweet peas are growing and a sun-flower has appeared like magic amongst them. I’ll get a pic when they’re flowering. Pink geraniums are blooming lovely, and our patch of scented pinks make the air smell divine when you pop out to have a relax with cup of coffee.

A few stories have gone out, and one back from take a break fiction feast. It’s a story I like, even though it was written when we had a theme going on in our online writing group. That makes it special, as it wasn’t going to be written otherwise. Now it’s gone off somewhere else. Reading some good books as well, and short stories.

No news on the novel yet, but no news is good news they say. So fingers are still crossed, and toes as well.

Sue in garden
Relaxing while dreaming up my Alfie dog story.

Great author interview coming soon. The lovely Joanne Fox has agreed to be my guest later on this month. So glad she’s back blogging in time to pop over and talk about her writing.

Jumping on the settee…

A creative cake to go with the reading.

It's got lemon curd and butter cream in the middle, icing on top.
It’s got lemon curd and butter cream in the middle, icing on top.

imm020_43Brother Maurice is hiding in the cloisters.

Look what I’m up to today, on Creative Frontiers. Hope you enjoy reading how I began writing.

My latest poem is here, read about Aqua Marina sitting on her favorite rock. It’s for a competition, the theme is tide.

I’m in the middle of putting a collection of my poems on kindle, trying to get the pages to line up, might be a while^___^

Oh, how lovely, there are lots of new stories to download on Alfie dog today. Read about Brother Maurice, and why he’s dreading the school trip.

Also, stories from Jan Bayham and Patsy Collins, and Helena Sheridan to name a few…. If you want something to read this afternoon, take a stroll over to Alfie and enjoy.

Coming soon…. interview with regular People’s Friend writer, Suzanne Ross Jones……




Job news, acceptances and a giggle or two.

Well, here we are going in to September. We’ve just got back from a relaxing weekend in Wales. Picking up Mum in law from Alan’s brothers, yesterday morning, then we had first class fish and chips on the prom in Barmouth. She was glad to have a sit down and relax, and we did the same, before a long and fabulous beach walk. I’ve had a massive attack of hay fever as we live among fields of hay that are being busily cut and rolled up by the farmers. They’re great to see, but play havoc with my throat and breathing, so to get some delicious sea air was just the tonic. Especially as my job is talking on the phone. I had to keep pressing the mute button while I had a coughing fit, then stuff herbal sweets in my mouth, and keep sipping lemon and honey at the same time. So the two day break has done the world of good in lots of ways. I had a little old lady who had the same name as a Hollywood film star. She was convinced her email is, ‘her name at hotpoint.co.uk’ I had a job convincing her ‘could it be hotmail? oh yes, hot-point is my washing machine isn’t it? I’m starting week 7 of the job tomorrow, so I’ll be glad when I get past the 3 month trial period. All my family say, ‘stop worrying’ but you never feel quite right until past that point do you?

I’m a cover girl… That’s me, the baby with my grandma and grandad (black and white picture) on the front of September Best of British magazine. On the top right hand side there, and my article is in the magazine. They’ve called it ‘Market memories’ so I’m extremely proud of that. It’s thrilling to be in the same issue as my favorite Wodehouse characters Jeeves and Wooster, and Alan’s fave car, e-type jag. Also, on the Alfie dog website, somebody, and thank you if it’s you… you know who you are.. for downloading and reading Lavender days. It’s about Gladys and Marie, and their Mum’s piano.
Digital image
Our Son came to visit from Torquay on Bank Holiday Monday. That same day, an old man rang in to ask if his recorder was compatible with his computer. I told him I’d have a look with the manufacturer. He kept saying. ‘Oh, clever girl, fancy you being able to tell me that….. I had to remind him, well I haven’t yet. On the skype link where we ask the rest of the rooms advice, all they could tell me was, not sure.. in other words than that. Thankfully, when I arranged for the manufacturers to ring him and advise, they did just that. I had an email from him the next day saying, ‘what ho’ it is compatible, and hope your Son arrived safely. Can you imagine, he was in his mid nineties, and writing his memoirs as he was a fighter pilot in the second world war…. what a privilege to speak to such a man. Impeccable manners as well.
So far on the phone, I’ve spoken to a seventies singer, someone with the same name, someone with my son’s name, husband’s name, Hollywood film star, and a rhyming name. Like for instance Betty Letty, only in the contract, we’re not supposed to talk about people for obvious reasons, but we also have to do phonetics. S for sierra u for uniform etc. So when I had an Italian lady who was Mariolettio, Spandanglallochancccheeetio. or something similar, they’ll hear me when they listen in to the call saying. “Oh, right then, herrm heerm Is that starting with M for mike??? Oh, goodness me, and some people get cross and hate phonetics. One old man said to me, ‘Will you stop talking silly and just say it!! I had to tell him I don’t normally speak like this… On the day our Son was coming, I also had a message from the h.r lady. I mixed up the calls, and sent her a message thinking she was our son, ending with off to work now, love you… I wondered why they were all so smiley smiley when I walked in. She said, oh well at least you didn’t say ‘I’m’ off to that ***!!!*** place where I work. Oops, that was a close one. Glad they saw the funny side. Until next time…
Digital image

My home education article is here. Teaching your child from home.

Out today – ‘Came as ‘me’ left as ‘we” from Alfie dog

Came as me
Left as we.

I’m thrilled to be able to tell you about the launch of :-

‘Came as ‘me, left as we’

A collection of beach reads, ideal for when you get time to relax.

My storyPier into the Future’ along with lots of other great stories, makes this anthology one for your summer-time reading.

All your favorite authors from Alfie dog short-story website, details on Patsy Collins,  blog.

To get your copy, either as a paperback book, or for downloading to kindle


Over a 1,000 stories on the site.


Welcome to Mid-summer.

Birds are tweeting, grass is being cut, sun’s shining and it’s great to be in England.

It’s all happening in the garden now. Let’s start at the front… Alan dug up an overgrown, ugly old bush earlier on in the year. In it’s place, there are grass seeds coming up, looking lush.

Beware of boxes that say enough for ten square feet though, this is around two square feet, and that was the whole packet. He’s filled in a few gaps with seed from another box. We’ll perhaps have a picnic on there later in the year:)) Always put a net over as well, see where the bricks are holding it down? Keeps those tweeting birds off.

Digital image
Our new patch of lawn. Plant more grass, there’s too much concrete these days.
Digital image
Ann’s broccoli, she planted the seeds in February.
Digital image
From this, to that above. Well done buddah keeping it safe from white butterflies
Digital image
Red Poppy

Digital imageThese poppies are loosing the petals now, but the seed heads look attractive, so I’ll leave them there. Here’s a red one as well.

Digital image
Digital image
Blue lupins

Moving along the front border; beautiful blue lupins have had a battering from the rain, but they spread out each year. They come in all colours.

This is the progress of my sweet-peas. They’re a few weeks behind because of the cold weather earlier on in the year, but I’m sure they’ll soon catch up. Watch out for the next time you see them in full colour. There’s nothing like a glass of freshly picked sweet-peas on the kitchen windowsill and the breakfast table, and the front window. Once you’ve grown your own, from seeds, it becomes a habit.

Digital image

Hope you enjoyed the trip down our garden path. Speaking of which, have you ordered Patsy’s book yet? I have. Looking forward to getting an old chair out of the shed and sitting reading between weeding and re-potting. Next week, I’ll take you a wander round the back. That’s where it all goes on really. Like in the poem.

NEWSFLASH……Rosemary Kind at Alfie dog has emailed to let me know that my short story – Pier into the Future will be included in the new collection, Beach Reads.      Now, that’s enough to make me go and put the kettle on and brew up an earl-grey, oh Alan’s done me one already, now that’s true love…

Fiction on Alfie dog.

Somebody has downloaded one of my stories Pier into the Future from Alfie dog. It’s a romantic story set in Brighton. So thank you whoever you are, and hope you enjoyed it.

There’s four of my stories on there in all so far.

Tommy’s Dragons – About a Mum who’s anxious when her little boy starts playschool. She gets the wrong end of the stick. It began as a twist in the tale, but ended up as a family story.

Summer Sunday – This is a fun story, my Mum thought it was all a dream, like Alice in Wonderland.

She told me ‘it’s not very realistic is it Sue?’ My stories do tend to go off on a tangent. I wrote one once, about a tour guide in a National Trust house who was a ghost, and I couldn’t get to an ending, so I had one of the main characters fizzling into dust like human combustion. My family members all pulled a face and shook their heads.

The other story is Stardust the Racehorse. Now this is a story I love because it’s one of the first stories I ever wrote. It’s been published in a children’s annual some time ago, and I’m proud that Rosemary has added it to Alfie dog. It was my attempt at a mystery story.

It’s important I think before a story is published not to show family or friends. It’s hardly fair is it as they don’t like to hurt our feelings. Or the other way round, they don’t think it makes sense.

On Alfie dog, Rosemary is promoting justice for writer’s. This is where we get paid for our writing. If too many people write for free, how can anybody ever take us seriously?

Digital imageHe’s not a racehorse, but he thinks he is…