Summer story for children, free for 5 days!

One of my stories for children is about Alex. He goes with his mum and step-dad to the borders of Devon and Somerset on holiday. This was among my first stories to be published, and it’s an escapist read, and one I’m quite proud of for different reasons.

book cover summer holidays Click here…

As far as I’m aware, this is on free offer for 5 days starting tomorrow. If it doesn’t work, never mind, I’ll try it again. The reason I’m putting it on offer is that it’s the most looked at item on my blog, so whoever you are, it’s FREE!!! and it’s a story you and your kiddywinkles will love. In fact I need to read it again myself. And just to get you interested, it begins when Alex runs into the holiday cottage and tells his mum and step-dad that their dog Dougal is in with a field of bulls… Oh, dear. Hope he comes back in one piece. Enjoy the story if you download it.