Updating my new blog.

I’m in the process of updating my new blog.  It would be nice to have all of the followers from the blogspot one on here.  As you see I’ve added Patsy and Sally as I know their blog address.  If anyone would like to be added to the blogroll, (sounds a bit rude doesn’t it?  Not sure I’d want to be on a blogroll)  please let me know.  Still experimenting.


Getting used to the new blog.

Having a play around with wordpress themes and I’ve found this one.  Having a go at some of the great competitions that have been advertised on blogs recently.  The picture reminds me of a place that my Grandma used to take me after we’d been shopping on a Saturday.  Gives me an idea for a story.

Seville Marmalade

This cute marmalade pot is holding the Seville marmalade that I made last night.  Very tasty.  Here’s the recipe.


1kg Seville oranges.

1kg Sugar.

3pts water.

l lemon.


Wash and scrub oranges, then cut into quarters, removing any pips.  Same with the lemon.  Put in a large metal pan to simmer away for two hours.  After this time, take the rinds out, and slice into thin strips.  Remove any pips that you see at this time.  don’t worry if you miss a couple as they float to the top later.  When all the skins are shredded, add the sugar and stir constantly for 20 mins – half an hour.

The marmalade goes sticky when you place a teaspoonful on a plate at the stage when it’s ready.  Remove any pips that may be floating on top, and pour with a ladle into a warm, sterelised jug.  Pour into clean and sterelised jars, enjoy.