Story on Candis website.

Hi all,

Hope you’re getting back to normal now the children are back to school.  I just noticed my story ‘A view on Christmas’ is published on Candis website.  You can read it here if you like.  It’s not the happiest story, infact it’s a tad depressing, I must have been in a gloomy mood when I wrote it.  Also, I’m reading it and cringing thinking how I could improve it.  Hey ho, never mind. 


Airshow tickets.

Hello blog followers.

I have a couple of tickets to give away in a competition.  They’re for the Shoreham airshow on either Saturday or Sunday 20th or 21st of August.  I won them in a competition, but unfortunately won’t be able to go.  It’s £20.oo each on the gate, but these tickets in advance are marked at £16.00 each, but are stamped and can only be used to the show, not exchanged for cash.  Just for fun, could you put into a sentence why you would like these tickets.  It looks such a fabulous day out, good luck to anyone who has a go.  Competition ends on Thursday afternoon 4.00 p.m.  Will post the winner after that time.

Aeroplane antics.
Freshly picked for the table

Here are our sweet peas from the garden.

What a lovely time of the year it is for enjoying relaxing and watching the flowers grow.

Here’s another one – these potatoes and peas tasted delicious.
Fresh from the garden.

Latest news.

Hello blog followers, all three of you, I think one of those is me!  I know there are lots more people reading, so please click the link to be official if you like.  I’ve just joined a site called

It’s where we post work, and review others’ work.  Enjoying it so far, and someone who kindly reviewed my story likened me to Nina Bawden who I have ashamedly not heard of.  Doing some research she loved Topsy and Tim books, they were what I read in the first class at school.  They made my early years at school vaguely bearable.  I could never understand why we had to play in a wendy house or empty water out of buckets into other buckets.  I’d been brought up on a plant nursery where I wandered round smelling the flowers.  When I wasn’t admiring the blooms, I sat doing jig saws with grandparents and reading and writing.  So, a Nina is on my list of books to get.  Her books look such good fun and similar to the kind of thing I’m aiming at.

I’ve also joined

Seems a good place to be, except that you tick on all the books you’d like to read; mind is a long list.  Also I’ve ventured onto

Think I’m maybe spending too much time joining up to sites instead of writing.  Just to let you know that I’ve sent something out, I went to see ‘Bridesmaids’ the other night with our daughter.  Fabulous fun and laugh out loud comedy.  I’ve sent out a review to one or two places.  Something I’ve never done before.  (The review I mean, not going to the pictures.)

Had a great day out on Sunday at a local air show.  Just my cup of tea, gazing up at the sky watching wonderful old aircrafts doing amazing stunts.  The highlight of the afternoon was the appearance of an American ‘Mustang.’  The actual one that was used in World War 11, glad we remembered large hats, suncream and lots of ice, tonic and squash.  Don’t think me or hubby have ever had three ice-creams each in any one day ever.  Always a first time for everything they say…

Air show.

Good News.

I have good news for anyone following my blog, and who’s blog I follow.  Dah da da daaa…  You are no longer on a blog roll! Thank goodness.  Now you’re on the list of ‘friends who blog about writing.’  I nearly added, and who follow me, but that sounds a bit ‘gay’ as my daughter would say.

So as you can see I’m still playing around and having fun with the blog design.  I’m going through my previous blog followers, and trying to update everyone back where you belong.  On my little long list.

I picked up a copy of Prima magazine today.  The next wise words competition is Schoolday Memories.  Send to usual address, Prima Magazine.  I’m sure we all have plenty of those.  Some I’d rather forget as well.