Back to the Writing

After a long break, I am finally getting back the momentum and confidence to begin writing again. It’s scary how easily we can let it slip, then again if life takes over that’s how it goes. Yet I never thought when I began taking my writing seriously that anything would stop me. Reading is a major starting point for me. And I’ve just discovered the Albert and Rex series from Steve Higgs. If you haven’t heard of the stories, then trust me on how good they are.

The social media scene is good for keeping in touch, but now I’m retired from work, and doing only things I like doing, so back here aiming to keep writing at the forefront of things. Up to half way through the latest pocket novel story. Also I have started making cards. It’s relaxing and there are so many different techniques that it’s hard not to go rushing out to buy all the gadgets for cutting and crimping and layering and die cutting.

All for now, and hope not to leave it so long before coming back here.


7 thoughts on “Back to the Writing

    • Thanks, Sally. I know you still blog, as I popped in and meant to leave a message saying how I am going to make marmalade very soon. I use oranges, lemons and grapefruit. An old recipe from my mother in law.

    • Absolutely. It’s like the creative side of the brain has to be activated. Mine has been shut down with too much practical learning going on for the day job. Being creative makes me happy, so if I remember how to do it, the blog will be my base.

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