In the Garden


Having a relaxing Sunday in our garden. Me and Alan have been enjoying some quiet time smelling the flowers and doing not much other than having a chat and dinner on the courtyard round the back.


petuniaspurple petunias             Can you see how much I love petunias?






Alan’s off to the back yard after looking around our colourful borders. There’s a table waiting in the Courtyard Café.

Whatever you’ve got planned this week, have fun and don’t forget to smell the flowers.



2 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. I like petunias, too, but they do have a tendency to go a bit gooey towards the end of the season. I suppose you know that old Arthur Godfrey song, ‘I’m a lonely little petunia in a onion patch’?

    • Hi, Julia. No, never heard that but it sounds like a music hall song and great fun. Yes, they do attract black flies as well, but so far, because of lots of dead heading, they’re looking swell. Glad you popped in.

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