RNA Conference in Leeds

Sue Carol Linda

Me with Carol and Linda after lunch

Had a great time on Saturday in Leeds meeting up with other romantic writers. Glad to meet Jan again as well. Such fun to find my Robinson Crusoe pocket novel in the goody bags, and on the table in the reception area. Now I’ve got lots of plans to get on with the writing, and an article to write on one of the talks I went in to. Such lovely weather we’re having, makes you want to keep drinking something cool.

Great to meet up with my pocket novel editor, Maggie Swinburne and join the lecture on writing pocket novels. Really interesting, and learned a lot. All of the talks were excellent, and lots of people must have worked hard to put it all together.

bagI had the bag, as well as the tee shirt, well they say it’s all about promotion, nothing like having your book on your front.

Sue and Linda
Sue conference

Did I mention I have a pocket novel out? Yes I did, alright then, off to write the next one. Have a great week and thanks Jan Jones and the RNA for a great event at the weekend. Thanks, John for taking the photos of us.


8 thoughts on “RNA Conference in Leeds

  1. I’m so sorry to have missed the conference this year, especially when I could have finally met you and Carol, Suzy. Hopefully another year. Great photos of you all, your book and t-shirt!

  2. Hi, may I ask a question? I understand that DCT pays £300 for a 55,000-word pocket novel. May I ask how long it took you to write? I’m a fairly productive writer but it’s hard to imagine producing 55k words in fewer than 10 days even if I were really pushing myself and the first draft required zero editing. That would amount to £30/day, which is less than minimum wage.

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