Promoting your books


Promoting your books is essential if you want to sell them, and of course we do. Thanks to my Australian readers who have bought Redington on kindle lately by the way.

What better way to advertise than having a key ring attached to the zip on your bag, or to give as gifts when readers enter competitions on your blog or website.

I’m busy making key rings and fridge magnets, and as well as having family photos, vintage black and white pictures and pets in the picture, writer’s book covers came to mind.

Looking at those pictures really does make you want to read the book doesn’t it? And do you recognise any of the names and titles on there?

Prices for key rings and fridge magnets are £5.00 each

5 or more items = £20.00

10 or more items = £30.00 then £3.00 each thereafter.

Postage will be added depending on the amount ordered.

Tote bags and mugs to follow.

Find me on Facebook here, where you can contact me via private message with details of anything you might want. Please allow a week for the order to be processed.

I’ve been making up hanging baskets today as well. Along with preparing for the Romantic Novelist’s Association Conference in Leeds next month. Looking forward to speaking with special people. More news on that later. Have a good week, whatever you’re up to. Isn’t this sunny weather bliss?


8 thoughts on “Promoting your books

  1. The key rings are lovely, but I don’t have much of a budget for such things. The only physical thing I have for ‘Stripped-back Yoga’ is some business-card-size cards featuring the book cover on the front and where to buy the book from on the back.

  2. Sounds like a good idea to me, Julia. Do you pop one inside the books? That’s what I do with my Redington ones. 😎 Unless they buy the kindle version of course. Glad you called by.

    • The cards are really handy for keeping in my pocket and I’ve been giving them out wherever I go. I also put them inside the books I sold last week. For ‘Nine Lives’ I had some bookmarks made, which were rather nice but tended to get bent at the edges.

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