Hello springtime

I’m sure you’ll agree we can call it springtime now can’t we?

Bulbs are sprouting and the sun’s shining, so it does make you feel better.

Here’s a photo of Kenilworth Castle, and my second in the Redington series book – Murder in the Village. Thanks to the lovely people who have recently bought the kindle version of Redington, and hopefully it will make you want to read the second one.

More book news coming soon. A new release is on the horizon.


5 thoughts on “Hello springtime

  1. Good to see you posting, Susan, and well done on the second Redington book! It’s not very spring-like up here yet, though we keep hoping. Weather forecast tonight said it’s going to be only 2 by Saturday with threat of a little snow in places!

    • Hello, Rosemary, good to hear from you too. Hope you’re enjoying spending more time with family as well. And we’ve been told to watch out for snow at the weekend as well. Oh well, we have got a snow shovel, but hope we don’t have to use it.

  2. I think spring is a state of mind, rather than a date on the calendar. It arrives when there’s something in the air that makes us feel like lifting our heads to the sky and soaking in beams of optimism.

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