Writers in Warwickshire

Kenilworth Castle

What a wonderful day, here in Warwickshire today. Blue sky, blossoms blooming and a lovely walk and chatter with my writing buddy and pal, Patsy Davies. It so happened that she and hubby Gary were passing through the leafy county and stopped off to look around Kenilworth Castle. Time flew by and the writing chatter was in full flow.

Enjoying a cuppa in the campervan with a ray of sunshine breaking through.


We had a mini break on a bench by the lake, and chatted about how we must not leave it so long before we have another catch up. We also discussed our latest romance stories and how they’re coming along.

Alan's pic
Alan happily enjoying a quiet moment.
Kenilworth Castle

12 thoughts on “Writers in Warwickshire

    1. Thanks for the reblog, Patsy, and just because Alan thought you were Jan, you’ve got me back and now I have a new writing name, Jan Jones… mm, it’s growing on me. Ha ha.

  1. One of the oft-told tales in our family mythology is how my little brother wandered off during a visit to Kenilworth Castle and we really thought we’d lost him. Happily, he turned up – and couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. He’d only gone exploring!

    1. Oh yes. It’s one of many stories we could tell about him. There was, for instance, the memorable incident with the potty and the Ffestiniog railway…

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