Why have a subscription?


First of all, you will have these pocket novels delivered to your door every month. I had the bottom two today and can’t wait to read them.

Second, if you’re aiming to write a pocket novel and get it published, the only way to know what the editor wants is to read what she is accepting and publishing.

Thirdly, the stories are exciting, romantic, good fun and enormously entertaining and don’t take up a huge space in your handbag.

An added bonus is the collection of puzzles at the back of the book to keep your mind sharp after enjoying the story. And you’ll get the books at less than half price.

So if you want to have a supply of great reads, puzzles and never have to worry if there’s going to be one left in the shops. Subscribe today.

One more… You get a free gift. It changes quite often, but I had the tea caddy holding a pack of English Breakfast tea bags and they’re lovely.



How great to spend a cosy night by the fire reading the latest pocket novel, while thinking up ideas for another one. My latest pocket novel will be four books away from these. Not long…

Have a happy Sunday, and a good week ahead.


10 thoughts on “Why have a subscription?

  1. Sounds like you’re on commission, Susan! But also, I can see the attraction of a couple of goods reads arriving through the post every month (and especially if they’re half the shop price – I like a bargain!)

    • It certainly is, Jan. I used to have the Writing Magazine, and after a few years, I find the articles are covering the same thing, although it’s a good magazine. The pocket novels price is around the same as that, so it’s replaced it. I need more time to write, and seeing as I’ve had three PN’s accepted so far, I not only want to read all of the books, but support them too. And I’m able to join the RNA now as a full member, so I have:) Haven’t had anything to tell me I’m joined up yet, but I’m sure I will do soon.

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