Into the New Year

Hope the weather isn’t too bad where you are. It’s cold and a bit bleak in the midlands, but we’re still able to go to work. And I’ve been to the gym three times last week. How is it that you can take months to get fit and then after two weeks of mince pies, chocolates and other food, you’re almost a stone heavier? So it’s back to the green tea for a while. Good job I like tea

Do you want to be a pocket novelist? If so, the only way to know exactly what the editor is looking for is to read some. Or preferably, subscribe. I’ve recently become a subscriber, so now I get those lovely handbag novels delivered to my door. The stories are really good, if you like a longer story where you stay with great and exciting characters. Look out for a follow up to Country Matters coming towards the end of March/early April. You can see the opening chapters on my website if you’re interested. Though I’ve edited it a bit since then so it won’t be exactly the same. Another bonus to being a subscriber is getting these wonderful books at half price, and you don’t have to go driving round to find one.


It’s time now to clear out your wardrobe. That’s me talking to myself. To say it’s a bit messy would be an understatement. But seeing as I had some new clothes for Christmas, it’s about time to sort and chuck out, or send to the charity shop. But if I’m anything like my mum, she recently tried to have a clear out, and ended up getting rid of one dress, which she gave to me. It was actually mine about twenty years ago and I gave it to her. A red velvet classic. I may do pictures of before and after the closet clearance, but please prepare yourselves as it’s not a site for the squeamish among you.

Digital image

This grey and white jumper is one I’ll keep because I knitted it myself and it’s good with a thin jumper underneath and goes with jeans, trousers or a skirt.

Have a great weekend, and more on the wardrobe clearance soon.


12 thoughts on “Into the New Year

  1. All the best for a happy, healthy and successful 2017, Suzy. Great to see you have a new pocket novel coming out and I’m impressed abut the gym! I love sorting out my clothes now and then so good luck with that – if you manage to get rid of any.

    • Ha ha, my wardrobe is like a danger zone, Rosemary. And I must admit it was an effort to get changed let alone do the usual excercises in the gym. Everyone was the same though, as if just by going there, we’d made an effort:)) All good wishes for your writing this year as well, Rosemary. Now I’m reading Highland Lass at last. Will post a review when I’ve finished it.

  2. The pocket novels are great aren’t they. Well done on getting back to the gym – it’s really not fair how quick it is to put on weight and how long it takes to lose it again, but you’ll drop it again in no time 🙂

    • Yes, Teresa. I’ve always loved the My Weekly pocket novels for the suspense in the stories, loved yours with the black and white springer spaniel. Love in danger. Hope you’re right about the weight:???? I’ll let you know.

  3. I need to have a bit of a clear out too. My wardrobe is full, so I’ve decided not to use the vouchers I was given for Christmas until I’ve made some room.

    Well done with your continued pocket novel success – you’re doing brilliantly.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Patsy. I do have some good writing buddies as you know:) So if I’m going to do a wardrobe clearance reveal, not this week, but sometime soon, maybe you will as well? It’s hard to part with old favourites though isn’t it?

    • Sock drawers? Yes, I need to get new socks and tights, so I’ll have to be ruthless with mine as well. Trouble is, you find old notebooks with good things in them don’t you? Like who was annoying you at the time. I’m going to be ruthless with my make up bag and empty perfume bottles as well that scent underwear drawers.

  4. Good for you, going to the gym – three times in a week !!! Big claps from me. The nearest I’ve got to even considering the gym is just reading your post 🙂 Stay safe and keep up the good work!

  5. I’m very impressed! No gym for me, but I have managed to get out for a brisk walk most days. Trouble is, exercise gives you an appetite doesn’t it? And in this cold weather I tend to want calorie laden comfort food. Let’s hope spring isn’t too far away.

    • I went a walk yesterday as well, Linda. Sometimes that’s nicer. And yes, I do tend to reach for cake afterwards. I’m looking forward to getting back in the garden again, and doing some spring cleaning.

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