Redington on kindle

Thanks to the lovely people who’re buying Redington on kindle, hope you enjoy the stories, and don’t be shy to leave a review if it’s going to be a good one.

My mum in law phoned to wish us Happy New Year and she was full of excitement. She’d found a copy of the paperback book Redington in my brother in law’s house over Christmas.

I found a book with your name on! She told me, and now her sister who’s staying with her for a while is reading it as well. Glad to say they’re enjoying it, and said it’s really cheery and good. Not sure what they expected it to be:) as long as it’s making them smile, that’s a good thing.

They’re taking turns to read it and Alan’s aunt was hurrying along with it because she’s only staying for a week. I told her not to worry, and I’ll send her a copy of her own, seeing as it’s cheered her up no end. That was my intention, to make people feel better after paying a visit to my make believe village in mid-Norfolk. Not sure what they made of the Halloween story, but they were laughing on the phone to Alan.

It makes me happy to know that my story collection cheers people up. Now I’ll have to put them on the list for a copy of the next book which will be out soon.

I’m hoping to keep up to date a bit more with the blog. I’ve neglected it a bit and been faffing around on facebook, and seeing as this links to facebook anyway, I’d rather keep the blog going. Have a great week, whatever you may be doing… more news on the blog soon.



12 thoughts on “Redington on kindle

    • Yes, Teresa, I was really surprised as I thought she’d have looked and said, ‘I only read historical facutal books.’ Which is normally the case. Perhaps she was curious and wondered if she was in there:)) I thought she’d had a copy, but as I really didn’t think it would be her thing I must have forgotten. Alan’s auntie recently lost her husband and has been feeling sad. She told him that it was just what she needed and took her to a lovely place that made her smile and laugh even. Now it gives me encouragement to get on wit it. Cup of tea first. xx Glad you popped in.

    • Thanks, Patsy. I do love writing the stories as you know. The stories cheer me up and make me chuckle, but it is nice to know that other people like them. They’ve passed my mum test as she’s constantly asking for the next book. And to pass the mum in law and auntie in law test is like winning the booker prize:))

  1. It must be a lovely feeling to know people are enjoying your lovely book, Sue. I enjoying faffing about on FB, too! Happy New Year to you and may all your writing dreams come true. 🙂

    • Hi, Jan. Happy New Year to you as well. I’ve faffed for over half an hour, and now a cup of tea is needed before I get on with editing A Factory Affair, and writing. I might need to ask you for some advice on the next story. It’s set in Cardiff and Jamaica. I needed a club for my heroine to be singing in. I’ve got one, and there’s a reggae night as well, so that should be suitable. It’s called Clwb Ifor Bach, or The Welsh Club. In the middle of Cardiff. Have you been in there???

      • Yes, the club is in the middle of Cardiff, Sue. I haven’t been there myself but I shall ask around for you. I thought it was mainly Welsh speakers but have just looked at the reviews and it seems than non-Welsh speakers go there too. It’s famous for its wide range of music and bands and as you say reggae is mentioned. It sounds as if you’ve got it right. Could you make up a name and base it on Clwb Ifor Bach? Good luck. The story sounds great.

    • Thanks, Rosemary, all the best for the new year to you, as well. It is a bonus if people like our writing, like I enjoy yours. My family would tell me if they didn’t like the stories though, so it’s great to know they do like them:))

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