Don’t trifle with me

I’ve made one of my own. Reason being, we had some banana loaf that needed eating. It’s now the base of the trifle with some blackberry jam on. Then a layer of mandarins, red jelly and custard, with the topping you see here.


One good thing about the weather getting colder, is that we have a real fire. There’s nothing like watching real flames and warming your hands by the fire with a cup of tea and a huge bowl of trifle. The diet can wait until tomorrow.

fire-pic Now I’m working on the next chapter of my latest book and loving it. Still reading through A Factory Affair as well, ready for the release of the paperback. We’ve had some good walks lately through woodlands where fallen leaves were ankle deep, only I didn’t take the phone or camera. Sometimes It’s good to enjoy the moment and forget about camera phones and all things media related.

Enjoy your week, whatever you may be doing, and to anyone doing nanowrimo, keep writing. I didn’t sign up for it, but doing lots of writing all the same.


12 thoughts on “Don’t trifle with me

    • Hello, Gail. Long time no hear from you. Glad you’re having a nano, and it helps to get the writing going doesn’t it. Nobody will come and arrest you if you don’t do the amount needed anyway. You can always have the main character read a story, then pop in one of yours:)

      • Trouble is, Suzy, I’m being sponsored to raise money for the Exmoor Pony Centre, so somehow I have to come up with 50k. Ah, well – all in a good cause.

    • Neither had we, Linda. Only there was this dry banana loaf hanging around, so I just had to buy manadrins, red jelly, custard powder and fresh cream to jazzy it up a bit. Butter on it wasn’t doing the trick really. Now as a trifle base it was excellent:))

  1. I’m sure you will Gail. Especially when you’re writing about the lovely ponies. Hope it gets published and we have chance to read it. Keep going. I’m up to 30,000 words of mine tonight. Only 20,000 to go.

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