From the oxford dictionary

The universe seen as a well-ordered whole. ‘he sat staring deep into the void, reminding himself of man’s place in the cosmos’

 A system of thought.

‘the new gender-free intellectual cosmos’
An ornamental plant of the daisy family, which bears single dahlia-like flowers and is native to Mexico and warm regions of America. (And some gardens in the Midlands)


A few months ago, I was given a book to read and inbetween the pages was a pack of free seeds from a gardening magazine. Now seeing as it would have been rude not to plant them, I had a vast amount of cosmos plants within a week or two. They grow quite quickly and end up taller than I could have imagined. They remind Alan of stars and when they sway in the wind, I can see what he means. Wonder if that’s how they were named? From now on, I’ll be planting a tray of cosmos every year.

It’s that time of the year when I had a trip to the hairdressers, so here’s my snazzy new look with a shorter, more snappy style. Don’t expect it’ll stay like it for long, so you have to get a photo don’t you? Enjoy the crispy days of autumn, and make the most of this lovely spell we’re having.

Digital image

Sue’s new hairdo

Digital image

Alan having a break from car cleaning


Popped in to the library while I was waiting for my appointment at the hairdressers, and look what I found on the shelves. Not only that, when I looked at it, they’ve given it a strong covering of thick plastic, and from what I can see it’s been well read. I’m sure several people have taken a trip to the Norfolk village.

library-bookHave a great weekend, and if you can, pop into your local library. They need our support otherwise they might be gone one day and that would be tragic.



15 thoughts on “Cosmic

  1. Love the new hairdo. And congrats on getting your book into a library! I visit ours on an almost weekly basis and always have 2 or 3 library books on the go. It’s a great way of expanding your reading experience without shrinking your wallet!

    • Hello, Ruth, great to see you on my blog. The hair feels much lighter. Didn’t realise how long and straggly it had gone. I do to. I usually have a few library books on the go. As you say, they’re free… and books… so we’d be daft not to go often.

  2. Isn’t it great when you see yourself on the library shelf? I’m off to our library and art gallery this evening for a talk on Agatha Christie.

    • Thanks, Jan. I always take the chance to get an updated photo with a new hairdo as I don’t go as often as I ought to. Trouble is it never stays like it. I haven’t got the knack with the hotbrush. I tend to give it a blast and go…

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