What makes you laugh?

For me, laughing is important. It uses up more calories than if you don’t laugh, and makes you feel a lot better for having had a good laugh.

Some things will always be funny, no matter how long ago they happened, or if you’re a lot older and wiser than you were at the time the funny happened. When me and a school friend worked as office girls in a portacabin, typing invoices and filing, we thought we should be destined for better things. So when lunchtime came around, we decided to go round the industrial estate, knocking on doors to ask if the firm in question wanted any more staff. We really should have been eating lunch and having a cup of tea to get the morale up for the afternoon. Instead, we trudged around, not giving up incase the next place was THE ONE.

Getting a bit fed up, and tired and hungry, we came to the last place in the row. As we walked past windows, we could see a group of people sitting chatting. This made her nervous, and she was holding her thumb to her lip, saying, ‘Oh, dared I knock?’ Being the kind friend I was, I gave a hearty knock on the door, opened it and gave her a shove into the room. After that, I ran through what I thought was the door, but it was a broom cupboard. Collapsing among the mops and brushes I laughed so much it was difficult to get up. Not sure she would still laugh at that, but it always makes me chuckle when I think of it.

Another time, I was at an interview where two chaps sat behind a desk. They invited me to sit on a black chair opposite them. When I sat down, it gave out a loud hisssss. a farty chair and they didn’t even blink. All I could think of was, hope they didn’t think I’d let one go at the start. Didn’t get the job but don’t think I’d have wanted it after that. I should be writing, and now I’m off to do that.

Who’s your favourite funny man or woman? Mine has to be Ken Dodd, Les Dawson, Victoria Wood, Jenninfer Saunders, and all the cast of Fools and Horses will never fail to have me chuckling. Sad news that little Ronnie has left as well, but I like to think he’s met up with Big Ronnie and back doing those sketches we all loved so much.

Apart from being funny, Ken Dodd has one of the lovliest voices I’ve ever heard and could have been a great singer, but too funny to not be a comedian.

Watch out for the April Fools tomorrow. Have a great weekend.






9 thoughts on “What makes you laugh?

  1. These spring to mind: The Two Ronnies (very sad news today), John Cleese in Faulty Towers, Lee Mack especially in Would I Lie to You, Michael McIntyre and lots more. Sometimes something you hear or do inexplicably makes you laugh and you can’t always analyse why.

    • Ha, yes, Lee Mack is a natural. Love not going out as well. Both Ronnies were classic as well. We have all the Faulty Towers on dvd. Those anagrams of the hotel at the start are hillarious.

    • Yes, he could make you laugh without saying a word. Loved those sketches with the celebs. Shirley Bassey and Angela Rippon come to mind. They loved being made a fool of didn’t they?

  2. I love Ross Noble, James Acaster, Boothby Grappo, David Sedaris – oh, so many. On TV at the moment, I;m roaring with laughter to ‘Raised by Wolves’.

  3. Oh that did make me laugh! The cupboard and the farty chair! My worst interview experience was when I trod on the interviewer’s foot, then opened the door and hit him with it – needless to say I didn’t get the job. Eric Morecambe was my favourite of all time, but I love so many – I can easily love people who make me laugh 🙂 Peter Kay is one of my favourites and Michael McIntyre, Jo Brand, Jack Whitehall… ooh don’t get me started I’ll be here all day 🙂 xx

  4. Peter Kay is the master of comedy. Remember Pheonix Nights? Your interview scenario is as bad as mine. That’s hillarious. Imagine smacking the man in the face with the door, after trampling on his toes. That will have me giggling all week. Love the P.N. Love in Danger and the black and white springer named Bonnie, brilliant. Jo Brand is great and the others. And not to forget Julian Clary. He’d taken up yoga last I heard and was doing a downward dog in the window. That’s his words not mine:)))))

    • Thank you for your lovely comment about Love in Danger 🙂 Ooh lovely Julian, how did I forget to put him on my list? I’ve seen him twice (once saw him outside the venue close enough to touch and was so star struck all I could do was gaze at his gorgeousness and wish I had the nerve to speak to him) – made me giggle, his yoga moves 🙂 And he loves animals too 🙂 xx

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