Something to make you smile

Hello to all my lovely blog followers. I’ve been a bit skinny on here lately. Not skinny as in super slim. I’ve been to the gym most days though, and me and my gym buddy get each other to do more working out than we would if we went on our own. We do sit ups on one of those bouncy balls.gym-ballLeaning back to look at the wall, then sitting up.

Lift ups on the monkey bars, then I go on this thing like an upside down spaceship. One of these… only turned upside down, then I balance on it. Most of the time.

balance ballHello to all my new followers in America. Hope you’re enjoying the blog. I’m busy re-writing something special for someone special. Can’t say more than that at the moment incase I jinx it. I usually talk about writing more than getting on with the writing, so I’ll let you know soon.

Here’s something funny that happened yesterday. Being of a certain age, me and hubby take a vitamin tablet. You’ve heard of wellwoman and wellman. Those. I had two boxes in my hand, and for some reason, my eyes, saw him with the woman box and me with the man one. He had a tablet on his lips about to swallow it – I had as well. With the awful thought of him swallowing a woman one and me the man one, I did what came to mind and yelled out, ‘Stop!’ Turns out he was taking the right one, and I was as well. Good job he did stop to check, so if they had been the wrong ones, we’d have been alright.

Happy Easter to everyone, and thinking of our friends in Brussels.




18 thoughts on “Something to make you smile

  1. Ha, that was funny, but makes you think that we are programmed to do as we are told, but it probably wouldn’t have made a scrap of difference. Good to have an exercise buddy – bit like a writing buddy.

    • I know, Bea, and when you read on the box what’s in them, there’s more green tea in the women’s one. Don’t think it would have mattered though. Me screaming out and Alan’s face was the funniest thing.

    • Thanks, Rosemary. I like to start the day with going to the gym, then I have an apple on the way home and feel great for the rest of the day. Our woodlands are too dodgy these days for walks.

  2. You’d probably have been fine taking each other’s pills. I mean, the supplements intended for the male – er – parts would have nowhere to go!

  3. You are good – going to the gym so regularly. Are you going to write a story about taking the wrong pills? I think with your lovely sense of humour it would be very funny 🙂
    Happy Easter 🙂 xx

    • Ha, good idea, Teresa, thanks. Alan’s face looked as if I was about to administer poison. I’m loving your pocket novel, Love in Danger. Sent for some back copies and that was one of them. xx

  4. Your gym sounds too much like an obstacle course for me. I find sit ups difficult enough on a firm surface – wouldn’t like to think what might happen on a bouncy ball!
    I agree with Teresa, there has to be a story waiting to come out of the ‘wrong tablet’ incident.

  5. I’ve read some of your something special, so I’m taking that to mean I’m someone special! (I know you’re too nice to say that’s not the case.)

    • Ha, you’re my writing buddy so of course you’re special and you know what I’m hinting at. Really want to tell everyone from the highest mountain, but when it’s written, complete and accepted, with bells on. You’ll be the first to get a womag interview:)) And your help is the reason my writing is improving. My daughter reminded me on Sunday about an ending where I had the main character skipping off to the woods and the had an attack of spontaneous human combustion. How else could I end the story????

  6. Congratulations on keeping up the fitness regime. Sounds like you and your gym buddy are making the most of it and having lots of fun at the same time. Enjoy your week.

    • Yes, Nicola, we are, thanks. Sometimes he walks away and pretends he’s not with me though:)) Lots of the time I end up laughing too much. All good fun, and I may write a story set in a gym one day with a bossy gym instructor.

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